What does PA mean?

PA means Parent Alert

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What is the abbreviation for Parent Alert?

2 ways to abbreviate Parent Alert
Parent Alert can be abbreviated as PA
Other shorthands for Parent Alert are: P911
What does PA mean? It stands for Parent Alert
PA - Parent Alert in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PA

FACT: If EVERY SINGLE GREEN PARTY VOTER had chosen Hillary in AZ, FL, ME, & PA, Hillary would have STILL LOST. This isn't about 3rd parties.

Winning The Internet: Photographer Trevor DeHaas with his dog and the #Supermoon last night in Phoenixville, Pa.

Trump leads PA by 51,000 votes with 99% in. call it already.

They wouldn't be trying so hard to invalidate your vote if it weren't important. Pa'lante. #Vote

I just looked at the counties in PA with votes outstanding. They are all red. Hillary cannot win. Call it.

Important - 13 states have voter registration deadlines on 10/11: FL, OH, PA, MI, GA, TX, NM, IN, LA, TN, AR, KY, SC

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If Hillary had this lead in PA they would have called in an hour ago.

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Kindly Trump voter in PA asked me earnestly tonight if it's true Clinton only got a few dozen people at all her rallies - Facebook said so.

Will Trump say screwing US steelworkers was good business? Not sure jobless blue collars in PA, OH, WI will agree.

New NBC/WSJ/Marist poll of PA (conducted before Fri) Clinton 49 Trump 37 Johnson 6 Stein 4 (Oct. 3-6, likely voters)

#TrumpChoseChina when he had choice of buying his steel there or in the United States, betraying PA, OH, WI voters.

CBS/YouGov poll: 91% of Trump supporters in OH and 90% in PA say the tape doesn't change their view of him.

CBS has Clinton up in PA, OH, and Wisconsin -- pre tape

So the PA school Trump is rallying at tmmrw is sending kids home early due to "numerous parent concerns."

Don't fall for the clickbait headline, Nothing but love for @ImmortalTech, a voice for the voiceless in his music, always. Pa'lante 'mano.

El joseo es como la natacion tienes que moverte tol rato pa no hundirte


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What does PA stand for?
PA stands for "Parent Alert".
How to abbreviate "Parent Alert"?
"Parent Alert" can be abbreviated as PA.
What is the meaning of PA abbreviation?
The meaning of PA abbreviation is "Parent Alert".
What is PA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PA is "Parent Alert".
What does PA mean?
PA as abbreviation means "Parent Alert".
What is shorthand of Parent Alert?
The most common shorthand of "Parent Alert" is PA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PA in term.