What does B/F mean?

B/F means Brain fart

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What is the abbreviation for Brain fart?

Brain fart can be abbreviated as B/F
What does B/F mean? It stands for Brain fart
B/F - Brain fart in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having B/F

Worth pointing out that the media gave Trump ample free airtime in the primary and didn't run this video till 30 days b/f the election.

Most troubling thing about Comey's letter is he made the extremely careless decision to release it b/f the election

Cops who witness @Portlandpolice shootings could view body camera video b/f writing reports, under contract proposal

So #SuicideSquad fell 67%. Exactly the range we all expected b/f the weekend started. I told you not to freak out a/b the 79% Friday number.

Powerful Sotomayor 4Am opinion is making me recall the ugly "centrist" campaign against her b/f she was nominated

Ballot measure "the most aggressive gun safety measure ever to be put b/f CA voters, arguably US voters" - @GavinNewsom @KGO w @RonnOwens

Polls begin closing in half an hour, but! If you're in line b/f closing, it doesn't matter how long the line is: you have the right to vote!

Judge Jones tells Shawna Cox if she shares her 'legal garbage' b/f jurors, she'll be held in contempt and put in jail #Oregonstandoff

2p @FoxNews - Were authorities really investigating DC Metro officer for 6 yrs b/f busting him for terror? Our legal panel tackles that!

So it's not OK to talk about Hillary being sick (she was), but cool to accuse Trump of snorting lines b/f debate. just trying to keep up.

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Missing: Agenette Joseph, 13 y/o B/F, 5'1", 105 lbs, brwn eyes, blk shoulder length dreadlocks, light complexion.

Just chatting w/@carrieunderwood b/f her Party for the Cause performance in Vegas, baby: "I love nights like this."

Even b/f Ryan's move today House conservative warned giving him nom would "completely destroy the party" w/@mkraju

After brief hrg b/f judge,Attny. Laurie Shertz will continue to defend #Oregonstandoff def. Darryl Thorn, despite his earlier you're 'fired'

Secret Service: White House locked down after man threw belongings on grounds. Man arrested. Sweep underway b/f lockdown will be over

Missing: 15 y/o Mya Barnes B/F 5'4" 108 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, med complex, white polo shirt, tan pants

Missing: 14 y/o Marje'a Martin B/F 5'5" 120 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, med complex, white shirt, tan pants

Watch this. Des is blind & loves to watch wrestling; his b/f Rudy is his personal announcer via @rollingstone

Have you seen endangered runaway Imanie Lashawn Mcburrows? B/F, 15yrs old, 5'2, 170lbs. Call the PD at 954-431-2200.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does B/F stand for?
B/F stands for "Brain fart".
How to abbreviate "Brain fart"?
"Brain fart" can be abbreviated as B/F.
What is the meaning of B/F abbreviation?
The meaning of B/F abbreviation is "Brain fart".
What is B/F abbreviation?
One of the definitions of B/F is "Brain fart".
What does B/F mean?
B/F as abbreviation means "Brain fart".
What is shorthand of Brain fart?
The most common shorthand of "Brain fart" is B/F.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word B/F in term.