What does RIP mean?

RIP means Rest in Peace

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What is the abbreviation for Rest in Peace?

2 ways to abbreviate Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace can be abbreviated as RIP
Other shorthands for Rest in Peace are: r.i.p.
What does RIP mean? It stands for Rest in Peace
RIP - Rest in Peace in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having RIP

#RIP healthcare, planned parenthood, roe v. wade, path to citizenship, decorum, civil rights, equality, empathy

after 12 absurd weeks at number 1, Closer has finally fell to number 2. thank god. i was starting to worry i was living in a simulation. RIP

I was wrong. I thought America couldn't possibly disappoint me more than it already had. But, I was wrong. RIP America.

#RIP Supreme Court, climate change reform, congress, laws, gun control, role models, the dollar, respect of the world

The SECOND biggest loser tonight: left wing media. Complete repudiation! RIP #ElectionNight

"Change comes from listening, learning, caring and conversation." - Gwen Ifill. RIP to great a human being.

Wow. Rip the baby in the 9th month, day before it's born? Trump didn't go to High School did he. This is so pathetic.

Hillary Clinton: Let's embrace the spirit of the evening, "remember what unites us and just rip on Ted Cruz"

"Poisoning the blood of their youth" "Rip the baby out of the womb" "Bad hombres" Man, Trump offering some FIRE metal album titles

German press lets rip - Great Britain has turned into the land of the small minded where foreigners must be mocked.

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Treyarch put the Shadows of Evil cutscene into the game files of Revelations to mess with us. RIP Super Easter Egg.

ARE YOU SERIOUS @karriganCSGO?! Noscope kills for days #IEM (RIP Headphone users)

Tonight, let's remember what unites us, and just rip on Ted Cruz, Clinton jokes

UK people - we absolutely hate scalpers who re-sell tickets & rip fans off as much as you do, so we've teamed up with @Twickets... (1/1)

Sad to hear about the demise of Mrs. Tej Kaur, mother of @gurdasmaan ji. May she RIP. May God give strength to the family to bear the loss.

Those of us who fought & those of us held prisoner in #Vietnam will always have a special place in our hearts for Sec Melvin Laird. RIP.

My salute and condolences on the demise of Lt Gen SK Sinha. He has been a great soldier and a leader. Served under him in 23 Inf Div. RIP.

Bet, RIP your career then. Lauren Podell has resigned.

Donald Trump has promised to rip up the Paris Agreement on climate change


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does RIP stand for?
RIP stands for "Rest in Peace".
How to abbreviate "Rest in Peace"?
"Rest in Peace" can be abbreviated as RIP.
What is the meaning of RIP abbreviation?
The meaning of RIP abbreviation is "Rest in Peace".
What is RIP abbreviation?
One of the definitions of RIP is "Rest in Peace".
What does RIP mean?
RIP as abbreviation means "Rest in Peace".
What is shorthand of Rest in Peace?
The most common shorthand of "Rest in Peace" is RIP.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word RIP in term.