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3D The Third Day    
3HO Healthy Happy Holy Organization    
3VM 3 Vital Ministries    
5E Esh Esh El Beh Sheh    
666 Hell or the symbol of the devil    
770 770 Eastern Parkway The Chabad-Lubavitch movement headquarters    
A.D. Christian era (anno Domini [Lat.])    
AA Allahu Akbar = God is Great in Arabic    
AA Anti Apostle    
AA ArchAngel    
AABC Asian American Baptist Church    
AABC Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges    
AABF All Africa Baptist Fellowship    
AAC American Anglican Council    
AAC Alabama Alliance of Churches    
AAC All Angel Channel    
AACC All Africa Conference of Churches    
AACC American Association Of Christian Counselors    
AACCO African American Catholic Community of Oregon    
AACF African American Christian Foundation    
AACF Asian American Christian Fellowship    
AACH Asian American Church of Houston    
AACSC African American Christian Student Conference    
AACTS Africa American Consortium of Theological Studies    
AAEI Ancient Ancestral Enterprising Individual    
AALC American Association of Lutheran Churches    
AAMD African American Mobilization Division    
AAOC Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church    
AAOM Ann Arbor Orthodox Minyan    
AAPC American Association of Pastoral Counselors    
AASG Agnostic and Atheist Student Group    
AASG Atheist And Agnostic Student Group    
AASS Asia Adventist Seminary Studies    
AAU American Apostolic Union    
AAWC All About Wicca Circular    
AB Amazingly Blessed    
AB American Baptist    
ABC A Better Chance    
ABC All Believe Confess    
ABC Always Believe in Christ    
ABC Arts Based Church    
ABC Agape Book Club    
ABC About Bethlehem Centers    
ABC Adult Bible Community    
ABCD Adult Bible Class And Discussion    
ABCF l'Association des Bibliothèques Chrétiennes de France    
ABCOPAD American Baptist Churches Of Pennslyvania And Delaware    
ABD Anchor Bible Dictionary    
ABEC American Baptist Extension Corporation    
ABF Adult Bible Fellowship