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aa Asset Accounting    
ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming    
acf Active Component Framework    
ADBC ABAP Database Connectivity    
ADK Archive Development Kit    
ADS Adobe Document Services    
AIDA(S) Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction    
ald Adobe LiveCycle Designer    
ALE Application Link Enabling    
ALV SAP List Viewer    
ANSI American National Standard Institute    
AP Accounts Payable    
API Application Programming Interface    
APO Advanced Planner Optimizer    
AR Accounts Receivable    
aRFC Asynchronous Remote Function Call    
AS Application Server    
ASAP Accelerated SAP Methodology for Implementation    
ASC Accredited Standards Committee    
ASCII American National Standard Code for Information Interchange    
AUnit ABAP Unit    
AWT Abstract Window Toolkit (Java)    
BAdI Business Add In    
BAPI Business Application Programming Interface (SAP)    
BCD Binary-Coded Decimal    
BCS Business Communication Services    
BDC Batch Data Communication    
BDOC Business Document    
BDS Business Document Services    
BDT Business Data Toolset    
BEx Business Explorer    
bgRFC BackGround Remote Function Call    
BI Business Intelligence    
BLOB Binary Long Object    
BOM Bill of Material    
BOR Business Object Repository    
BP Business Partner    
BPEL Business Process Execution Language    
BPM business process management    
BPMN Business Process Modeling Notation    
BRF Business Rule Framework    
BRM Business Rule Management    
BSP Business Server Pages    
BTCI Batch Input    
BTE Business Transaction Events    
BW Business Warehouse    
bXML Business XML    
CA Cross Application Components    
CAF Composite Application Framework    
CASE computer-automated software engineering