What does L8ER mean?

L8ER means Later

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What is the abbreviation for Later?

Later can be abbreviated as L8ER
Other shorthands for Later are: IFL, L8R, L8TRZ, l8rz, l8s, l8t, L8A, Lat, l8ers, L8TER, l8ta, LTR, lata, l8rs, lates, ciao, l, LA, LATL, LR, latr, l, LL, LT, lat.
What does L8ER mean? It stands for Later
What does L8ER mean? - Definition of L8ER - L8ER stands for Later. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having L8ER

Did Andrea Leadsom really apologise to Theresa May by TEXT? What a weird thing to do. "Sorry 4 u, c u l8er" sort of thing?

Man, I miss it haha. AIM was gr8 N leavn msgs like dis wuz so c00l. BRB mom nEeD$ comp. g2g, L8er.

If I were ever hip enough to be on MTV cribs, the coolest thing in my house would be all of the meals I pre-make and freeze 4 l8er.

c u l8er

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He was a sk8er boy she said see you l8er boy

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What does L8ER stand for?
L8ER stands for "Later".
How to abbreviate "Later"?
"Later" can be abbreviated as L8ER.
What is the meaning of L8ER abbreviation?
The meaning of L8ER abbreviation is "Later".
What is L8ER abbreviation?
One of the definitions of L8ER is "Later".
What does L8ER mean?
L8ER as abbreviation means "Later".
What is shorthand of Later?
The most common shorthand of "Later" is L8ER.