What does NC mean?

NC means Not cool

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What is the abbreviation for Not cool?

Not cool can be abbreviated as NC
Other shorthands for Not cool are: N/C
What does NC mean? It stands for Not cool
NC - Not cool in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having NC

This is the KKK on a bridge in Mebane, NC this morning celebrating the victory of President-elect Trump

Thanks for the tip - we ran the four-state OH-PA-NC-FL table indeed and added MI in for good measure.

In Durham county NC, machines are turned off. Going to paper rolls. If you are not on the roll, get a provisional ballot. DONT LEAVE. VOTE

It's so weird how nobody wants to talk about the klan marching in NC right now? Wait did I spell that right? Is it a c or k?

Then please explain to me why the klan is marching in full regalia on the streets of NC right now?

IMPORTANT: PLEASE RETWEET: NC FL and PA you have no excuse - free rides to the polls #govote!

This happened while in line at @McDonalds outside of Asheville, NC. "Trump! I'll own you soon boy."

Trump's closing schedule is intense Saturday FL NC NV CO Sunday IA MN WI MI PA VA Monday FL NC PA NH Tuesday NYC (election night party)

Trump manager @KellyannePolls tells me: "we are banking on big day of vote in NC, FL, and NV" to offset Dem EV advantage

Trump closing in NC.

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Feingold (WI): lost Teachout (NY): lost Cooper (NC): lost Bayh (IN): lost Kander (MO): lost HRC dragged down the rest of the party with her

In NC EV, Democrats are flat with 2012 but Reps are up 14% and Indies up 44%! In primaries, Trump won Indies by 10. Trump wins NC.

(EXCLUSIVE) Sahara bribery papers: 'Modi ji'/'CM Gujarat' paid Rs 40.1 crore, 'Shaina NC,' Rs 1.5 crore

Think voting fraud doesn't exist? Hundreds of fraudulent Cooper ballots discovered, challenged In Bladen County, NC

How the @GOP 's quiet ground game helped @realDonaldTrump win NC @theobserver @jimmorrill

KKK celebrating Bannon & holding celebratory rally for Trump in NC? Must be because of all those lost manufacturing jobs in the Rust Belt.

Pray for our @BillyGraham #RapidResponseTeam chaplains responding to the #PartyRockFire in Henderson & Rutherford counties here in NC.

My fraternity brothers found this during their state convention in NC over the weekend.

Durham, NC, @NAACP chapter is asking anyone who submitted a provisional ballot to contact them. Numbers below.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does NC stand for?
NC stands for "Not cool".
How to abbreviate "Not cool"?
"Not cool" can be abbreviated as NC.
What is the meaning of NC abbreviation?
The meaning of NC abbreviation is "Not cool".
What is NC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NC is "Not cool".
What does NC mean?
NC as abbreviation means "Not cool".
What is shorthand of Not cool?
The most common shorthand of "Not cool" is NC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NC in term.