What does BD mean?

BD means Birthday

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What is the abbreviation for Birthday?

Birthday can be abbreviated as BD
Other shorthands for Birthday are: B-Day, b'day, BDAY, B, OYB, bo
What does BD mean? It stands for Birthday
BD - Birthday in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BD

Rewatched BLADE2 after trying to replay my BD. Norman, cute.

Artist Reimagines Pokemon as Gorgeous Feudal Japanese Ukiyo-e (BD Judkins)

I love all my guys everbody from all the sets we need to link up on Bd

For those asking... yes, Xbox One S will support BD-R and BD-RE. App update should happen today. #Xbox

Victor, un mangaka de Caen de 22ans a sorti le premier chapitre de sa BD. Ca serait cool d'aller la lire:

Younis Khan Test batting average: vs Aus 56.66 vs BD 79.75 vs Eng 46 vs Ind 88.06 vs NZ 56.38 vs SA 39.60 vs WI 43.57 vs Zim 73.00 #Cricket

Happy BD @Via_JKT48 sayang:* Panjang umur ya cukces teyus

It's 3 wks until Election Day. Make the decision to educate yourself abt EVERY election the ballot. School bd, judges, sheriff, EVERY ONE.

"This is our unthinkable." -- WSJ edit bd member Dorothy Rabinowitz to Lawrence O'Donnell, comparing the Donald's candidacy to atom bomb.

Oh iya tadi Twintail pas lagi BD idol nante. ya gt deh. ga foto lupa. kapankapan deh ya gue iket dua. masih cocok kok

More Comments with BD...

Runs added by Misbah to his overnight tally in last 6 attempts: 0 v NZ 0 v BD 0 v Eng 0 v Eng 4 v Eng 51 v Eng

Midland Reporter-Telegram editorial bd super pissed that @realdonaldtrump has turned Texas purple

NYT editorial bd: Steve Bannon appointment is "ominous sign of what the Trump presidency will actually look like"

VP debate will be held in Prince Edward County, VA where officials closed the public schools for 5 yrs rather than comply with Brown v Bd.

pagi. ketemu di theater #PajamaDriveJKT48 skr aku bd, besok aku perform jgn lupa dtg jugaa!

Bought BD of "O Estranho Caso de Angelica". It was directed by Manoel de Oliveira when he was 101 years old.

#PressPass tonight #SystemYaMajambazi in focus with @ochiraps1 @MachariaGaitho @ngunjiriwambugu & @OleItumbi. @BD_Africa report sets agenda

Journalists report TRUTH not OPINION. let @BD_Africa show us where Interim Audit said money was lost #PressPass #SystemYaFacts

The top stories in tomorrow's Business Day: To subscribe to BD click here:


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BD stand for?
BD stands for "Birthday".
How to abbreviate "Birthday"?
"Birthday" can be abbreviated as BD.
What is the meaning of BD abbreviation?
The meaning of BD abbreviation is "Birthday".
What is BD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BD is "Birthday".
What does BD mean?
BD as abbreviation means "Birthday".
What is shorthand of Birthday?
The most common shorthand of "Birthday" is BD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BD in term.