What does VSC mean?

VSC means Very Soft Chuckle

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What is the abbreviation for Very Soft Chuckle?

Very Soft Chuckle can be abbreviated as VSC
What does VSC mean? It stands for Very Soft Chuckle
VSC - Very Soft Chuckle in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having VSC

Hectic start sees the VSC deployed! Daniel stops and switches to the @pirellisport medium tyre #MexicoGP

With all that going on ROS pits under VSC. @danielricciardo now P3 with 22 laps to go #USGP

VES is out for a failure VSC deployed #Kimi7 is P4 and #Seb5 is P5 #USGP #redseason

#Seb5 lost the mirror after a 'run' on the corner, VSC #USGP #redseason

Ooh. Did Rosberg pass Wehrlein under the VSC then? Could be a problem for him if he did

Basically all who went Inters (except VERS who did it under VSC) lost out to those who stayed out. Restart = free tyre choice #F1 #BrazilGP

L33 Ironic that RICC loses out from Merc pitting under VSC caused by his own team mate!! #F1 #USGP

Not racing for long tho - VSC deployed, quickly turning into a SC with WEH in the wall! #MexicoGP #YoSoyForceIndia

GP3 drivers question VSC after Hockenheim confusion: #GP3

The VSC makes a further appearance as debris is cleared at turn 1. It's a short one though! #MonacoGP #FeelTheForce

More Comments with VSC...

Verstappen is out VSC #MonacoGP #redseason

Sauber's crush, 2 cars, VSC #MonacoGP #redseason

Lap 8: Jenson gambles on a switch to Inter under the VSC. #MonacoGP

Carnage! VSC out as there's cars scattered all over the place! #RussianGP

Nico is ready to go too, but with the VSC deployed there may be a little more to wait for the Hulk... #AusGP

With the VSC out, we take the chance to run some live pit stop practice. #BahrainGP #FeelTheForce

#Seb5 stopped on the side: 'I lost drive' #BahrainGP #redseason VSC

Ex-VSC officer sentenced to five years' jail for sexually abusing mentally disabled teenager

Markelov robs Nato of Monaco #GP2 win in VSC farce:


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does VSC stand for?
VSC stands for "Very Soft Chuckle".
How to abbreviate "Very Soft Chuckle"?
"Very Soft Chuckle" can be abbreviated as VSC.
What is the meaning of VSC abbreviation?
The meaning of VSC abbreviation is "Very Soft Chuckle".
What is VSC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of VSC is "Very Soft Chuckle".
What does VSC mean?
VSC as abbreviation means "Very Soft Chuckle".
What is shorthand of Very Soft Chuckle?
The most common shorthand of "Very Soft Chuckle" is VSC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word VSC in term.