What does DW mean?

DW means Don't Worry

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What is the abbreviation for Don't Worry?

Don't Worry can be abbreviated as DW
Other shorthands for Don't Worry are: d.w, D/W
What does DW mean? It stands for Don`t Worry
DW - Don`t Worry in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DW

if you haven't gotten your promised pre-sale code from pre-ordering DW from you will have them by friday. love you.

Yo @KSIOlajidebt dw bro I'm hair for you...

Wigan are to honour Dave Whelan with a statue of him outside the DW stadium. Here's what it'll look like:

Sad to see Dave Wallace go. Very grateful for all he has done for me and my family. Any success I've had is a credit to DW and Dom Chiti.

I apologise profusely. I was defending DW & had head loss which played into their hands. The boys done excellent for the remaining 60mins...

@scarlett_lacy no dw only mild book spoilers in this event but it contains strong scenes of bants and tea spilling - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Did you know there are more women entrepreneurs on the #African continent than anywhere else in the world? v @dwnews

.@WHO: Around 6 million deaths a year are linked to outdoor & indoor #AirPollution (@dw_eco video)

#CleanEnergy is not just required for #ClimateAction, but for immediate health protection - @WHO (video via @dw_eco)

#dwZone host Michel Friedman explains what happened in Ankara:

More Comments with DW...

*He will see it dw :)

I had a #quitemanly time at the @DW_Experience thank you to the wonderful staff. @bbc @bbcdoctorwho @WWE

Geronimo! A #quitemanly time in Cardiff at the @DW_Experience @bbcdoctorwho @WWE

'CITES conference ends with push against wildlife trafficking' @dw_eco @CITES #CoP17 @dw_eco

Turkey closes lawyers' groups as thousands languish in jail in post-coup crackdown @dwnews

I'm in a DW Drums ad in the newest Alt Press issue. 14 year old me's mind is blown to hell.

But TL;DW, Trump hired him to design a clubhouse, sent him a letter saying what a great job he did, then refused to pay him full price.

The Titans are one of the worst teams in football. They out-gained Miami 274-101 in the first half. 58 of Miami's yards were on DW catch.

Nigeria : 75000 enfants en danger de mourir de faim @dw_francais


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What does DW stand for?
DW stands for "Don't Worry".
How to abbreviate "Don't Worry"?
"Don't Worry" can be abbreviated as DW.
What is the meaning of DW abbreviation?
The meaning of DW abbreviation is "Don't Worry".
What is DW abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DW is "Don't Worry".
What does DW mean?
DW as abbreviation means "Don't Worry".
What is shorthand of Don't Worry?
The most common shorthand of "Don't Worry" is DW.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DW in term.