What does YT mean?

YT means You There?

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What is the abbreviation for You There??

You There? can be abbreviated as YT
Other shorthands for You There? are: ut, YOT, uot
What does YT mean? It stands for You There?
YT - You There? in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having YT

"@55Lidsville: #TeamTrump @KellyannePolls You need to show the crowds at the rallies use Periscope! Show HC's 139 YT viewers vs DT 38K"

okay so I won't be going live tonight but I'm gonna be so active you don't even know.. Answering Twitter and IG dms&answering to yt comments

@Max_Figueroa12 YT

Schaut euch doch anstatt des ganzen YT Beefs, lieber mal das "BANG" Musikvideo von @ApeCrime an! (: der Hammer!

News you've been waiting for... #BulleyaTomorrow @ 11am on YT/SonyMusicIndia & Full Audio out at midnight tonight.

Share the #Trumpening on any YT, Twitter, social media, etc. Copyright free!

When you retweet your own tweets [BL, YT 7, 15th c.]

HALLOWEEN #GIVEAWAY RT for your chance to win! LIVE 1pm M-F FB:

I miss when YT did 301+

Check out these amazing #Halloween videos that our incredibly creative fans submitted to JKR's Wizarding World YT:

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STOKED! Finally got to shoot w @JKFilms. Been watching them on YT for years!Thx for being hilarious & genuine, guys!

#SingleBy30 is out today! So happy that I got to be a part of this awesome narrative series from @wongfupro & YT Red

"School is starting" - that really doesn't have much of an impact. Nearly every year I've been on YT, Sept-December is a good time.

it's been a long day.. ending it with some YT videos.. relying on ASMR Darling to release the tension off my stressed mind right now

@Bajan_Canadian @LachlanYT but you got a SICK assist on one of the only goals for YT. So that's cool. :)

New song out in a couple hrs isA on YT. U guys ready? ;) Only 3 days left till my new album drops on 6/6 isA, sooo excited! :D #MaherZainOne

#Talkathon on #AskOnIncomeDisclosure today @ 7PM.Ask Qs with & get answers from experts on DDNews & @MIB_India YT

Heute vor 6Jahren haben wir unseren YT-Kanal erstellt. #kleinepause #unsereartpartyzumachen

@pewdiepie Bruh, me and @mangelrogel got it for 10minutes and YT took it away from us #givepewdshisdiamondplaybutton


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does YT stand for?
YT stands for "You There?".
How to abbreviate "You There?"?
"You There?" can be abbreviated as YT.
What is the meaning of YT abbreviation?
The meaning of YT abbreviation is "You There?".
What is YT abbreviation?
One of the definitions of YT is "You There?".
What does YT mean?
YT as abbreviation means "You There?".
What is shorthand of You There??
The most common shorthand of "You There?" is YT.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word YT in term.