What does ISO mean?

ISO means Is seeking other

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What is the abbreviation for Is seeking other?

Is seeking other can be abbreviated as ISO
What does ISO mean? It stands for Is seeking other
ISO - Is seeking other in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ISO

Vi esto me iso grasia jiji

Demar turning into one of the best iso players in the league

What a pass by Randle... everyone thinks ISO and Booker leaves Clarkson and makes em pay #dagger.... love this team

#NASCAR @HomesteadMiami weather looking good - breezy w/ slt. chc. of iso. shower SAT but we are mostly dry #NASCAR

As drying continues @TXMotorSpeedway - @RaceWeather & I are 90% confident we get this race in - small chc. of iso. cell with more late

How does #ISO26000 contribute to the #SDGs? Find out in this new brochure:

That was a fun exchange. Randle and Chandler get double Ts, Randle comes out in clear out iso vs Chandler but maturely passes out for open 3

Grab the Battler Cartel Pack at up to 55% off -- one week only! Ruthless Scion Armor, ISO Droid Companion, & more!

UPDATE: AWS ISO Certifications Increases Total In-Scope Services to 38

NASTY WOMAN ISO BAD DUDE must like doggos, have Canadian citizenship or a functioning spaceship

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Melo started wilding with the Iso ball and the garden was screaming at him to pass. The times they are a changing.

7/11 #KegiatanBKIPM Surveillen ke 2 SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2008 oleh KAN @BKIPMMamuju @rinajanwar2201

10/11 #KegiatanBKIPM Persiapan Surveilance ISO-17025, tanggal 11 Nov 2016 o/ @BKIPMMerauke @rinajanwar2201

#YouNeedtoKnow ISO standards help fight #climatechange #COP22 #ActionTime @GenevaImpact

Shot with Pixel, ISO 3500.

Rivers said he came into the game thinking Gates would have a big day. Points out how physical he played. Even ran lead on Gordon's ISO runs

#YouNeedtoKnow ISO standards are helping to achieve the #SDGs #GlobalGoals @GenevaImpact

#Vikings #Redskins Film: Reed 16 yds was X-iso in-breaker, he easily beat CB Alexander in Quarters. Good route and too much cushion.

Jaylen Brown forces a miss out of LeBron James on James' first shot of the night, which came off of an iso in the post.


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What does ISO stand for?
ISO stands for "Is seeking other".
How to abbreviate "Is seeking other"?
"Is seeking other" can be abbreviated as ISO.
What is the meaning of ISO abbreviation?
The meaning of ISO abbreviation is "Is seeking other".
What is ISO abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ISO is "Is seeking other".
What does ISO mean?
ISO as abbreviation means "Is seeking other".
What is shorthand of Is seeking other?
The most common shorthand of "Is seeking other" is ISO.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ISO in term.