What does sq mean?

sq means square Quadrat

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What is the abbreviation for square Quadrat?

square Quadrat can be abbreviated as sq
What does sq mean? It stands for square Quadrat
sq - square Quadrat in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having sq

healing post-it notes in union sq station

#keepcorbyn packing out parliament sq again. Our politics is not one man, but we stand behind this one!

Pax disembarked safely & will be trsf to another aircraft which is expected to depart for MXP later tdy. SQ is working with authorities 3/3

3.3m sq km (almost 10%) of World's wilderness lost since 1990, @TheWCS scientists say

Fantastic crowd of several thousands in defence of Corbyn on parliament sq.

Anti-Trump protest march in NYC today at noon from Union Sq to Trump Tower looks like it will be huge one

Excellent. Pro UK in EU March snaking all way from Traf Sq down Pall Mall and beyond

Delighted to meet up in Parliament Sq with Helen & Paul from Kent, here to back Jeremy. #KeepCorbyn

Polish flag raised over Exeter in honour of wartime 307 Sq airmen who defended the city - Exeter Express and Echo

#BREAKING: Turkey's president Erdogan says Turkish-backed incursion in Syria going well, cleared 400 sq km of ISIS militias

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NEW YORK CITY - pop-up poetry event today in washington sq park. spread the word.

Group of people marching in downtown portland. Police told them to go back to Pioneer Sq

WANTED: M/W for firing a gun at a person in Washington Sq Park at 11:15pm 8/31. Call #800577TIPS

Huge thanks to the team at Le Ziz in Dalston Sq for the amazing food tonight at @HackneyLabour dinner #LoveLondon

Today. Now. Union Sq.

Protests in major cities thrilling & inspiring but recall: T***p admires Putin & other "strong leaders." would welcome his own Tiananmen Sq.

Friends, tomorrow I'm reading poems of hope in Washington Sq, organized by @brainpicker. Come. Listen. Don't give up

A packed Parnell Sq for the #marchforchoice Amazing!

Our hangar in Louisville is 325,000 sq ft and can park 4 to 6 aircraft at a time. #WorldportWednesday


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What does sq stand for?
sq stands for "square Quadrat".
How to abbreviate "square Quadrat"?
"square Quadrat" can be abbreviated as sq.
What is the meaning of sq abbreviation?
The meaning of sq abbreviation is "square Quadrat".
What is sq abbreviation?
One of the definitions of sq is "square Quadrat".
What does sq mean?
sq as abbreviation means "square Quadrat".
What is shorthand of square Quadrat?
The most common shorthand of "square Quadrat" is sq.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word sq in term.