What does AIM mean?

AIM means AOL Institutent Messenger

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What is the abbreviation for AOL Institutent Messenger?

AOL Institutent Messenger can be abbreviated as AIM
What does AIM mean? It stands for AOL Institutent Messenger
AIM - AOL Institutent Messenger in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Conte emphasises that although it's important to win, when you have players like Chelsea's, doing it with good football is the aim. #CHEEVE

Memo to Remain & to anti-Trump people: the aim is to mobilise supporters ON POLLING DAY, not a couple of days afterwards. Hope this helps.

Google and Facebook take aim at fake news sites

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Following Election, NRA Goes on 'Offense'; Here's What It Could Aim To Do

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What does AIM stand for?
AIM stands for "AOL Institutent Messenger".
How to abbreviate "AOL Institutent Messenger"?
"AOL Institutent Messenger" can be abbreviated as AIM.
What is the meaning of AIM abbreviation?
The meaning of AIM abbreviation is "AOL Institutent Messenger".
What is AIM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AIM is "AOL Institutent Messenger".
What does AIM mean?
AIM as abbreviation means "AOL Institutent Messenger".
What is shorthand of AOL Institutent Messenger?
The most common shorthand of "AOL Institutent Messenger" is AIM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word AIM in term.