What does LMA mean?

LMA means Leave Me Alone

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What is the abbreviation for Leave Me Alone?

2 ways to abbreviate Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone can be abbreviated as LMA
Other shorthands for Leave Me Alone are: LMO
What does LMA mean? It stands for Leave Me Alone
LMA - Leave Me Alone in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LMA

Crazy prediction: Westbrook leaves OKC for...San Antonio. Teams with Kawhi/LMA to haunt Durant and the Warriors into the next decade.

Tony Pulis to be inducted into LMA Hall of Fame on reaching 1000 games as a manager on Saturday when West Brom play ... Stoke.

Draymond dunks, yells, taunts Aldridge and gets hit with a tech by Fraher, who missed LMA's earlier taunt of Draymond.

#LMA: "Extremely concerned by the current situation of allegations made against a number of managers." #SSNHQ

WATCH: Tony Pulis honoured to take his place in @LMA_Managers Hall of Fame: #SSNHQ

A ce soir pour le 3e de la saison 13 amigos ! #LMA @TMClachaine @JLA777

Congratulations to Tony Pulis as @LMA_Managers announce he will be inducted into Hall of Fame following 1,000th match on Saturday #WBA

A trip down the memory lane... A fun interview between Fergie and Wenger at an LMA event:

Also, seeing "LMA doesn't take 3s"..although he was 0-16 last year, remember he took 100+ that last season for the Blazers and made 35.2%

Entre deux prises... #LMA #PrimeLMA @TMCtv @JLA777 #rdv11/12

More Comments with LMA...

Barkley "They put all them lil leprechauns out there I want to see how they handle LMA, Pau down low & Kawhi Leonard

Et le dimanche c'est avalanche !! Ad taleur les amis !!#LMA @TMCtv @JLA777

Good old LMA "remains extremely concerned" re Telegraph allegations -but says paper delaying investigation of claims

The hell is a LMA?

Pop on not talking to LMA: "If I spent half my time talking to players about the (crap) you guys write...Why would I do that?" #Spurs

Night 1: LBJ 19-11-14. Love 23-12-2. Dame 39-9-6. Joe J 29-4-3. LMA 26-14-3. Kawhi 35-5-3-5. KD 27-10-4-2-2. Dray 18-12-6-5-2.

Pretty weak effort on the defensive glass by Varejao as LMA grabs the oreb. 3 other Warriors nearby didn't go for it either.

WC PotW won in 15-16: Curry (5), KD (5), DMC (2), Kawhi (2), Harden (1), Russ (1), CP3 (1), Green (1), LMA (1), Klay (1), KAT (1), Barea (1)

I wrote something on the Eid prayers at Lakemba this morning. The LMA made a strong statement against repealing 18C


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What does LMA stand for?
LMA stands for "Leave Me Alone".
How to abbreviate "Leave Me Alone"?
"Leave Me Alone" can be abbreviated as LMA.
What is the meaning of LMA abbreviation?
The meaning of LMA abbreviation is "Leave Me Alone".
What is LMA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LMA is "Leave Me Alone".
What does LMA mean?
LMA as abbreviation means "Leave Me Alone".
What is shorthand of Leave Me Alone?
The most common shorthand of "Leave Me Alone" is LMA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LMA in term.