What does OJ mean?

OJ means Only Joking

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What is the abbreviation for Only Joking?

Only Joking can be abbreviated as OJ
What does OJ mean? It stands for Only Joking
OJ - Only Joking in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having OJ

Former Trump campaign senior adviser compares watching the coverage tonight to watching OJ Bronco chase: horrifying but can't turn away

Why can't we let go the case Oj Simpson? It seems like they've made every documentary, tv series, movie about the man.

Donald Trump campaign is white people's OJ Simpson not-guilty verdict.

I forget who I am stealing this joke from but the Trump campaign is basically white America's OJ trial.

Strictly from a TV news viewing standpoint, Trump is the white Ford Bronco that never pulls off the highway. #OJ

"Haven't seen White people this mad since the OJ verdict" #SNL

The real October surprise is going to be when Trump is heard on audio advising OJ on how to murder people.

Yes, @KatyTurNBC really does have a tranny father: She projects serious daddy issues onto Trump during interviews.

This is the equivalent of the OJ VERDICT for MIDDLE AMERIKKA.

Here's A List Of The Best Mixtapes Ever Kush & OJ. Acid Rap. So Far Gone. No Ceilings. Best Day Ever. Dreamchasesr 3. Friday Night Lights

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Haven't felt the country this divided since the OJ verdict. #ElectionNight #TrumpvsHillary

Two Doobies.....Turkey Sausage, Egg & Chz with an OJ and #kushandorangejuice

I feel like I'm rewatching the OJ verdict over and over with each state that goes red. How could this horror story be unfolding like this?

"And yet, I know the whites" Dave Chapelle on Trump win. "I havent seen white people this mad since the OJ verdict" #SNL

Crunchy without a doubt. And while we're at it, pulp in my OJ as well! -kw

Pretty wicked stiff arm from OJ Howard.

Many have pointed out the otherworldly experience of watching events play out on Twitter today. "OJ car chase but for politics."

"I haven't see whites this mad since the OJ verdict" --Dave Chappelle, in SNL monologue, on Trump voters

Dave Chappelle on Trump: 'I haven't seen white people this furious since OJ'


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What does OJ stand for?
OJ stands for "Only Joking".
How to abbreviate "Only Joking"?
"Only Joking" can be abbreviated as OJ.
What is the meaning of OJ abbreviation?
The meaning of OJ abbreviation is "Only Joking".
What is OJ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of OJ is "Only Joking".
What does OJ mean?
OJ as abbreviation means "Only Joking".
What is shorthand of Only Joking?
The most common shorthand of "Only Joking" is OJ.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word OJ in term.