What does 911 mean?

911 means Emergency Services Phone Number

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What is the abbreviation for Emergency Services Phone Number?

Emergency Services Phone Number can be abbreviated as 911
Other shorthands for Emergency Services Phone Number are: 191
What does 911 mean? It stands for Emergency Services Phone Number
911 - Emergency Services Phone Number in Locations, Regional & international by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having 911

"911? we've got a really big metaphor over here, how quickly can you send somebody over"

American cops shot a Black man while he was having a seizure. His wife called 911 to get him help and the cops came & shot him #AlfredOlango

Goose 911: what's the emergency? Goose: I had a pillow fight and FEATHERS ARE COMING FROM INSIDE THE PILLOW! Goose 911: OMG! Goose: OMG!

Coming soon: the most spectacular #Porsche 911 ever! Stay tuned for more!

Getting up close and personal with the new 911 RSR. #PorscheMotorsport #LAAutoShow

He should be calling 911! #Empire #EmpireWednesday

the last few times i've been in reno consecutively i've had to call 911 for something lol

As someone who keenly understands #mentalillness on a personal level, I pray that no one calls 911 if I'm having issues. #AlfredOlango

In cities with highly public incidents of police brutality, calls to 911 drop in black neighborhoods:

- Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax - NBC News editing George Zimmerman's 911 call - Megyn Kelly and the Knockout Game

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The #NobelPrize is perhaps Alfred Nobel's most famous invention, awarded to 911 Nobel Laureates since 1901.

As of today, 21,256,911 votes have been cast in the presidential election; 10,942,380 in 12 battleground states, per NBC data analysis

Teenage Hacker Arrested For Disrupting 911 Service With #DDoS Attack #security

Woman, 63, survives after being attacked by a bear in Maryland; she dropped into fetal position and called 911.

Ummmmm #911 #DMajor #Empire @EmpireFOX

AMBER ALERT: Suspect: April Pastor, 36; relationship to victims: mother. Coquitlam RCMP: DO NOT APPROACH. Call 911. 3/3

Black communities stop calling 911 after instances of police brutality, research shows

Police arrested a hacker who triggered a DDoS attack on the 911 emergency call system

Meet Porsche's Le Mans-spec *mid-engined* Porsche 911 RSR


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What does 911 stand for?
911 stands for "Emergency Services Phone Number".
How to abbreviate "Emergency Services Phone Number"?
"Emergency Services Phone Number" can be abbreviated as 911.
What is the meaning of 911 abbreviation?
The meaning of 911 abbreviation is "Emergency Services Phone Number".
What is 911 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of 911 is "Emergency Services Phone Number".
What does 911 mean?
911 as abbreviation means "Emergency Services Phone Number".
What is shorthand of Emergency Services Phone Number?
The most common shorthand of "Emergency Services Phone Number" is 911.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word 911 in term.