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AAEI American Association of Exporters and Importers    
AAEN Asian-American Employee Network    
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service    
AAIP Arab Association for Investment Promotion    
ABGI Addington-Barker Group International    
ABN Australian Business Number (a Number Issued By The Australian Government As Registration Of A Business And Used For Taxation Purposes)    
ACBC Australia China Business Council    
ACCC Australian Competition Consumer Commission    
ACCeSs Automated Customs Clearance System    
ACCI Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry    
acda Arms Control and Disarmament Agency's    
ACE Automated Commercial Environment (US Customs)    
ACE Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship    
ACEP Advisory Committee on Export Policy    
ACH Automated Clearing House    
ACIO Australian Commerce and Industry Office    
ACMC Australian CEFACT Management Committee    
ACN Australian Company Number    
ACOA Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency    
ACS Asia Customer Satisfaction    
ACS Automated Commercial System    
ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement    
ACTF Assistance for Customs and Trade Facilitation    
ACTU Australian Council of Trade Unions    
ADAE Anglo-Dutch Awards for Enterprise    
ADB Asian Development Bank    
ADD Anti-Dumping Duty    
ADDF Abu Dhabi Duty Free    
ADFD Abu Dhabi Fund for Development    
ADM Accounting Data Mart    
ADRF Asia Development Research Forum    
ADS American Depository Share    
ADS Agent/Distributor Service    
AEBA American European Business Association    
AECA Arms Export Control Act    
AECC Austro-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce    
AED Additional Excise Duty    
AEEDE Asociacion Española de Escuelas de Direccion de Empresas    
AEPM America España Planificacion Mercados    
AES Automated Export System    
AFCCE Aid to Foreign Countries Commodity Enterprises    
AFDS Alternative Financing and Delivery System    
AFS American Field Studies    
AFTA Andean Free Trade Agreement    
Ag Actien Gesellschaft    
AHEC American Hardwood Export Council    
AIBD Aboriginal International Business Development    
AID Agency for International Development (U.S.)    
AIF Amsterdam Institute of Finance    
AIM Automotive Import Market