What does WTC mean?

WTC means World Trade Center

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What is the abbreviation for World Trade Center?

World Trade Center can be abbreviated as WTC
Other shorthands for World Trade Center are: wtcs
What does WTC mean? It stands for World Trade Center
WTC - World Trade Center in Business & Finance by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having WTC

Giuliani just hit HRC for saying she was at WTC site on 9-11 & said he didn't remember seeing her. Trump once said he helped clean up rubble

Nos vemos en un ratoooo .D #WTC

MORE: The next day, on 9/12, Clinton was in New York City at the WTC site with Giuliani.

Trump: I saw people jumping from the WTC from my office. New Yorkers point out his office is six miles from the WTC. #rememberwhenTrump

En vivo desde WTC

Do you know this couple? Woman wants to return memory card found at WTC

Sempat Ada Ledakan Sebelum Bengkel di WTC Mangga Dua Terbakar

Due to police activity, service on the NWK-WTC line and JSQ-33 line is suspended.

Condescendingly telling her that Muslims have to report "problems," blaming them for WTC, Paris, Orlando, and San Bernadino.

Prestigious European Physical Society concluded WTC buildings fell due to controlled demolition

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So he's laid it bare: All Muslims are to blame for San Bernandino, WTC, etc

Three American traumas that ended the post 1945 world order. Three historical dates: 9/11 (WTC) 9/15 (Lehman's) 11/9 (Trump)

Sun 11/6, additional service NWK-WTC from 3pm to 8pm for Red Bulls game in Harrison.

Rangers will do team-building in NYC Saturday. Meet with officer who defused bomb, tour WTC, meet with son of 9/11 first responder.

Doctors release study linking WTC dust to nerve damage

De que hablan estos 3 muchachitos @daddy_yankee @jbalvin @maluma #Musica #Music @ Pepsi Center WTC

Just announced great line up @NickKyrgios @tomasberdych @OfficialGoran to play @WTC_Adelaide

Due to PATH train suspension. Passengers at the uptown stations are advised to take the MTA to WTC for PATH service.

Buntut Kebakaran di WTC Mangga Dua, Empat Kios dan Lima Mobil Terbakar


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What does WTC stand for?
WTC stands for "World Trade Center".
How to abbreviate "World Trade Center"?
"World Trade Center" can be abbreviated as WTC.
What is the meaning of WTC abbreviation?
The meaning of WTC abbreviation is "World Trade Center".
What is WTC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of WTC is "World Trade Center".
What does WTC mean?
WTC as abbreviation means "World Trade Center".
What is shorthand of World Trade Center?
The most common shorthand of "World Trade Center" is WTC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word WTC in term.