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$WPCR Dollar-Weighted Put-Call ratio    
50K Accounting Audit    
AA against actuals    
AAF Asset Allocation Fund    
AAOE Abort All Open Exchanges    
AAP Asset Allocation Plan    
AAPP Average All-Pig Price    
AARL Asset Allocation Related Liability    
AASE Australian Associated Stock Exchanges    
AB Aktiebolag (Swedish, =Stock company)    
ABI Automated Broker Interface    
ABI Associazione Bancaria Italiana (Association of Italian Bankers)    
ABIP Asset Based Income Program    
ABS Asset Backed Securities    
ABS Automated Bond System    
ABSC Asset Backed Securities Corporation    
ACCESS American Computerized Commodity Exchange System and Services    
ACCESS American-Canadian Connection for Efficient Securities Settlement    
ACE AIBD (Association of International Bonds Dealers), Cedel, Euroclear    
ACES Advanced Computerized Execution Service    
ACNS Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons    
ACNS Australasian Congress of Neurological Surgeons    
ACOF Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund    
ACP Actual Contribution Percentage    
ACTS Automated Confirmation Transaction Service    
ADEX Athens Derivatives Exchange    
AdP Alternative Delivery Procedure    
ADR Annual Dividend Ratio    
ADR American Depositary Receipt    
ADS American Depositary Share    
ADSM Abu Dhabi Securities Market    
ADTV Average Daily Trading Volume    
ADX Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange    
AEP Additional Equity Placement    
AEX Amsterdam Stock EXchange    
AEX Amsterdam Exchange Index    
AFFM Australian Financial Futures Market    
AFM Amman Financial Market    
AFMR Australian Financial Markets Report    
AFT Alternatively for Testing    
AFT Advanced Firefighting Technology    
AGO Assured Guaranty to Outperform    
AIBL Asset Investment Bank Limited    
AIDS Almost Ideal Demand System    
AIM Amsterdam Interprofessional Market    
AIM Alternative Investment Market    
AIM Automatic Investment Management    
AIME Average Index Monthly Earnings    
AIMS Automated International Market System