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4PS Four Phase Sequence    
AAM American Academy of Mechanics    
aamm Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics    
AARC Australian Automotive Research Centre    
ABS Air Break Switch    
ACCB Angular Contact Ball Bearing    
ADS Auto Deceleration System    
AEBS Advanced Emergency Braking System (automotive assistance application)    
AEM Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics    
AMCE Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering    
AMFA Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association    
AMM Adaptive Mission Mechanics    
APDV Advance Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition    
ARV Asset Replacement Value    
ASR Anti-Slip Regulation    
ATEM Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics    
ATLAS Argonne Tandem Linear Accelerator System    
ATV Agena Target Vehicle    
BAEM Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics    
BDC Bottom Dead Centre    
BOP Blowout Preventer    
BOS Big Oilfield Separable    
BTU British Thermal Unit    
BTW Behind The Wheel    
CCG Cross-Connecting Gear    
CDFM Crustal Deformation and Fault Mechanics    
CHRA Center Hub Rotating Assembly (in a turbocharger)    
CIP Chemical Injection Package    
CMC clutch master cylinder    
COP Coefficient of Performance    
DBSE Distance Between Shaft Ends    
DIFA Dismantle Inspection and Failure Analysis    
dmoc Discrete Mechanics and Optimal Control    
DRDM discrete reaction diffusion mechanics    
EDM Electro Discharge Machining    
efm Engineering Fracture Mechanics    
EMI Engineering Mechanics Institute    
EMR Electrical Motor Rewinding    
EPAS Electric Power Assist Steering    
EPOB Electro-Plate On Brass    
ETEC Equal Tension Containment System    
evc Exhaust Valve Closing    
FMRL Fluid Mechanics Research Laboratory    
Fo Fourier Number    
FTU Failure Tensile Ultimate    
GD&T Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing    
GM General Machinist    
GUM Grammar Usage And Mechanics    
HCCI Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (Engine)    
HHMD Hand-Held Metal Detector