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# Number    
A Ampere    
A&CO activation and checkout    
A&COTA Assembly and Checkout Technical Analysis    
A&EM Assembly and External Maintenance    
a&r Assembly and Recycle    
A&R Automation and Robotics    
a&t Assembly & Test    
A&TA Assembly and Test Area    
A/C Air Conditioning    
A/H After Hours    
AA Accelerated Assembly    
AAE American Association of Engineers    
AASTOM Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology of Malawi    
AB As Built    
AB air brick    
ABE air-breathing engine    
ABEC Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee    
ABES air-breathing engine system    
ABR alternate bars reversed    
AC Alternating Current    
AC annual closing    
ACCM Austrian Center of Competences in Mechatronics    
ACF Automated Control Function    
ACIF Australian Construction Industry Forum    
ACM Aircraft Maintenance Engineering    
ACOP Approved Code Of Practice (UK)    
ACPL Assembly Component Parts List    
ACPM Attitude Control Propulsion Motor    
ACR Austrian Cooperative Research    
ACSE Automatic Control and System Engineering    
ACTAp Automatic Control Theory Applications    
ACTE Approvals Committee for Terminal Equipment    
ACTIS Amorphous Carbon Treatment on Internal Surface    
ADAMS Automated Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems    
ADN Autodesk Developer Network    
AEC Architecture, Engineering, Construction    
AeCM Aerospace Composites Materials    
AEI Applied Electronics & instrumentation Engineering    
AeMat Aerospace Materials    
AES American Electrochemical Society    
AFC Alkaline Fuel Cell    
AFL Above Floor Level    
AG Agricultural pipe drain    
AGL Above Ground Level    
AGMA American Gear Manufacturer's Association    
AHD Australian Height Datum    
AHU Air Handler Unit    
AICE American Institute of Chemical Engineers    
AIChE American Institute of Chemical Engineers