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ACE Allegro Crypto Engine    
ACE Access Control Entry    
ACL Access Control List    
AFLSEC Accelerated Flow Logging Security    
AP access point    
API Application Programming Interface    
APPL Application    
ASIC application-specific integration circuit    
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode    
AToM Any Transport Over MPLS    
BGP Border Gateway Protocol (routing protocol)    
C2W WAN C2Wire    
CAMP Cooperative Asymmetric Multiprocessing    
CAPI card application program interface    
CEF Cisco Express Forwarding    
CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor    
CPP Control Plane Policing    
CPU Central Processing Unit    
CRC ContrĂ´le de Redondance Cyclique (French: Cyclic Redundancy Check)    
CSG Content Services Gateway    
CWAN Constellation WAN    
CWPA Constellation WAN Port Adapter    
CWSLC Constellation WAN SiByte Line Card1    
CWTLC Constellation WAN Toaster Line Card1    
DBUS Data Bus    
DCM Digital Clock Manager    
DDR dial-on-demand routing    
DF Designated Forwarder    
DFC Distributed Forwarding Card    
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol    
DIAG diagnostic    
DIAG diagnostic port    
DIP Dual In-line Package (electronics)    
dLFI Distributed Link Fragmentation and Interleaving    
dLFIoATM Distributed Link Fragmentation and Interleaving over ATM    
dLFIoFR Distributed Link Fragmentation and Interleaving Over Frame Relay    
DMA direct memory access (computer term)    
DOT1X IEEE 802.1x    
EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol    
EARL Enhanced Address Recognition Logic    
ECC Error Correction Code (Error Checking And Correction)    
EFC Extended Flow Control    
EM Event Manager    
EMD Error Message Decoder    
ENVM environmental monitoring    
EOBC Ethernet Out-of-Band Channel    
EoMPLS Ethernet over Multiprotocol Label Switching    
EOU Extensible Authentication Protocol over UDP    
EPLD Erasable Programmable Logic Device    
ESF Express Services Forwarding