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A&R Audit & Reimbursement    
A/P Accounts Payable    
AAI Applications Alarms Infrastructure    
ABENDAID ABEND Analysis Software    
ACCT Action Plan by Electronic Claims Transaction Institute    
ACM Association for Computing Machinery    
ACPS Advanced Claims Processing System    
ACRG Annual Compound Rate of Growth    
ACRS Accelerated Cost Recovery System (finance)    
ACS Automated Cartridge System    
ACV Arithmetic Coefficient of Variation    
ADAP AIDS Drug Assistance Program    
ADAPSO Association of Data Processing Services Organization    
ADARS Automated DASD Archival Restoration System    
ADP Automated Data Processing    
ADS Automated Data System    
AEP Annual Enrollment Period    
AERO Automatic Earnings Recomputation Operation    
AFN Accumulation File Number    
AfPS Accounting for Pay System    
AGNS AT&T Global Network Services    
AID Agency for Informational Development    
AIIM Association for Information & Image Management    
AIM Automated Insertion Machine    
AIMS Audit Information Management System    
AINS Advanced Information Network System    
ALS advanced logistics system    
ALSO Automatic Lump Sum Operation    
AM Amplitude Modulation    
AML Arithmetic Mean of the Logarithm    
ANSCII American National Standard Code for Information Interchange    
APPC Advanced Programto Program Communication    
ASO Application Services Organization    
BCSS Batch Completion Status Summary    
C:D Connect:Direct    
CBC Center for Beneficiary Choices    
CBT Computer Based Training    
CCB Change Control Board    
CCITT Consultative Committee on International Telephone & Telegraph    
CHF Congestive Heart Failure    
COCA Clearinghouse on Computer Accommodation    
cpm Current Payment Month    
CSA Computer Security Act of 1987    
CSAT Computer Security Awareness Training    
CSI Computer Security Institute    
CSIRC Computer Security Incident Response Capability    
CSMM Customer Support for Medicare Modernization    
CSP Certified Systems Professional    
CSR Core Security Requirements    
CSSP Computer Systems Security Plan