What does SHLD mean?

SHLD means Should

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What is the abbreviation for Should?

Should can be abbreviated as SHLD
Other shorthands for Should are: SHD, shud, Sh%d, ts
What does SHLD mean? It stands for Should
SHLD - Should in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SHLD

A welcome bold&courageous step by PM Modiji towards nation building.Each 1of us shld cooperate in d larger interest of d nation #BlackMoney

Anyone who says she lost b/c people voted 3rd party are actually just incorrect. Votes for Johnson shld have taken away votes from Trump

So far @CNN #Election numbers refuse to show #JillStein. I realize she might not be high, but they shld show the numbers. #RedactedElection

Personally, think Gov wrong to appeal. Shld hold vote asap and prepare emergency Elxn plans if pro-Remain MPs/peers seek to redefine #Brexit

8/ Reflexive partisanship is a sign of a sick republic, not a healthy one. The marketplace of ideas should be civil but it shld be contested

You prob shld not work with nonprofit youth orgs or @Humana anymore w/ that potty mouth @ChrisStrub #verifiedtroll

Breaking: Youngstown's @RepTimRyan is being urged to challenge @NancyPelosi & he just might do it. Here's y he shld

.@KellyannePolls tells Harry Reid his comments r "beyond the pale" & says he shld be "careful" in the "legal sense"

Youth is the future of Pakistan & must be educated. Youth shld also be engaged in political decision making process!

#Malema: why shld people be congested when there's land available 4 them to occupy? If I must go to prison let it be #QuestionTimeInterview

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6/ Every American -regardless of how you voted- shld pray that God grants him wisdom&discernment in his new calling

Pvt.hosp.also shld b askd to collect old 1000 & 500 rs lk Pub.hospitals.They also get land cheap in d name of a #Hospital.#DeMonetisation

Why it shld be illegal for candidate to threaten violence. "Professor taken to hospital for alleged violent threats

If MPs really want to know what their voters are going thru, they shld stand in bank queues n not at ATMs in Parliament #groundreality

Tory minister says private firms shld play a bigger role in welfare system Privatised health & soc sec systems? No!

Kentucky's @RepThomasMassie doesn't trust @realDonaldTrump or @SpeakerRyan to cut spending. Shld you?

Govt.shld Knock knock @TeestaSetalvad @sanjivbhatt @kanhaiyajnusu #AwardWapsiGang @RanaAyyub #LiberalPatrakars. #DeMonetisation

#EU shld act now #Nigeria crisis unfolding at "high speed" w 400,000 kids in critical need & 75,000 at risk of death

States, human rights structures, private sector & family shld team up 2 ensure that LGBTI people r no longer treated as 2nd class citizens


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What does SHLD stand for?
SHLD stands for "Should".
How to abbreviate "Should"?
"Should" can be abbreviated as SHLD.
What is the meaning of SHLD abbreviation?
The meaning of SHLD abbreviation is "Should".
What is SHLD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SHLD is "Should".
What does SHLD mean?
SHLD as abbreviation means "Should".
What is shorthand of Should?
The most common shorthand of "Should" is SHLD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SHLD in term.