What does PPLE mean?

PPLE means People

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What is the abbreviation for People?

People can be abbreviated as PPLE
Other shorthands for People are: ppls, PPL, PEEPS, pplz, Peo., PEPS, PEEPZ, PP, HEADS, sp
What does PPLE mean? It stands for People
PPLE - People in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PPLE

The fact Trump is doing so well is sad. Pple wonder why others view our country as a "bunch of idiots, we are filled with em. #ElectionNight

Mr @johnpodesta, honorable pple would rather starve than eat lobster risotto paid w/ shilling/lobbying immoral funds

The IYI didn't get that censoring pple w/unfair tags "racist","sexist","schlongist" doesn't work unless they also censor in the voting booth

tru story: There are a lot of pple who have tons of followers and engagement online, but if you deleted their Instagram what would be left?

10. If you have stood by takong pictures and jeering as a mob lynched a thief. You my friend are as worse as d pple who committed the crime

Young Blacks Voice Skepticism on Hillary Clinton this is why Black pple should NOT vote at all during this election

I don't hold grudges but I sure do cut pple out of my life who don't deserve to be there. If they don't bring u up, set them down, move on.

But we are the same pple that will call out women for bleaching&having dark knuckles. But Bobrisky gets a pass. Well done melanin twitter

If u can't be mortified at the sight of a burning human being. How are u diff frm the Nazi's dt killed Jewish pple

In life we gotta realize: Some pple ONLY want happiness with you not for you!

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RT @valaafshar: Habits of happy pple: teach others learn new skills stay optimistic show gratitude pay it forward no entitlement laugh more

Alot of educated pple on twitter still believe dt jungle justice has a place in a modern society. Whr an angry mob is Judge/Jury/Executioner

This sentiment you pro GEJ pple have is something I won't understand. So the Nigerian pple didn't vote

The day you pple will finally get this war you are baying for I hope by then you'll stop spreading falsehood

The police pple especially the lower Cadre have little or no education and zero ethics and you expect professionalism. Lmao lets be serious

Youth-SWAP aims to ensure the protection and promotion of rights and enhance civic engagement of young pple

Random guy: thousands of Zimbabweans will protest 2day Me: no they won't Dude: i know pple u don't know, harare will be crippled Me: goaway

DOC advises pple stay away from tracks & huts in the Kaikoura & Sth Marlborough regions after 2 huts are destroyed:

been asked so many Years, why some think zuma will not be removed, "pple don't get it", Africa is Africa, understand the continent


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PPLE stand for?
PPLE stands for "People".
How to abbreviate "People"?
"People" can be abbreviated as PPLE.
What is the meaning of PPLE abbreviation?
The meaning of PPLE abbreviation is "People".
What is PPLE abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PPLE is "People".
What does PPLE mean?
PPLE as abbreviation means "People".
What is shorthand of People?
The most common shorthand of "People" is PPLE.