What does RND mean?

RND means Random

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in game Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Random?

Random can be abbreviated as RND
Other shorthands for Random are: RAND, R, RAM
What does RND mean? It stands for Random
RND - Random in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having RND

GGs @TeamKaliber. They beat @compLexityLive 3-2 to advance to Rnd. 16. #FreekNation #tKAllDay

FA ban drinking within sight of pitch, so Lewes had to block out clubhouse windows - for FA Cup 1st rnd qualifying

Impressive move by Spielman. Got best qb available, buys Teddy time, gives up what should be late-rnd pick on team w deep roster #Vikings

After what seemed like an eternity of lay-days, #FijiPro is back on! Rnd 3 elimination starts in less than an hour.

Wow! The Leafs fire the first major shot of the off-season- acquire Frederik Anderson for 30th pick '16, 2nd rnd '17

We're down to 12 teams. Complexity 6-0'd in game 5 by TK Epsilon falls to Hypergames in Rnd 11 Infused falls to OG in G4 OT Allegiance 0-3

The 2018 4th rnd pick #Eagles get from Vikings becomes a 3 if Vikes reach NFC champ (Eagles give back 7th) and a 2 if Vikes win Super Bowl.

#Browns trading 2014 No. 8 overall pick Justin Gilbert to #Steelers, per ESPN. Manziel gone from 2014 1st rnd too

Congratulations also to the Lakeland Muskies (Sheboygan), who make second straight D3 playoff appearance. Will face Whitewater in Rnd 1.

The Hall is calling. @InbeePark will qualify for LPGA Hall of Fame tomorrow after Rnd. 1 @KPMGWomensPGA #InbeeHOF

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Up up and away to Mexico! Rnd 5 @FIAWEC @Toyota_Hybrid #letsgo

Before 1st rnd @GrahamRahal watches @courtneyforce roll up for #ChevroletPerfUSNats

4 hrs left in Rnd 2! click my pic in WEST and vote SMOKEY ASIAN WINGS! Thank you SQUAD, you're #1! #BobDuncanSquad

Confirming that FA ILB Demario Davis is visiting the #Browns today, as @KMart_LI reported. 6-2, 239. 2012 3rd rnd pick of #Jets

Can't blame Elway for wanting to not overpay, but careful with the way you frame it. Anderson would have happily signed a second-rnd tender.

Pats without a 1st round pick from the "Deflategate" stuff, so adding another 2nd rnd pick big. Doubt they woulda paid all 3 defenders

He's done it!! Qualifier from Braintree in Essex, odd-job man, Barry Lynn, knocks out world champ Gary Anderson 9-3 UK Open 4th rnd! @ITV4

Getting excited for Rnd 1 v @Cronulla_Sharks #ridemcowboys

The Kentucky Kid @NickyHayden talks superbikes ahead of Rnd 2 Buriram - from RC45s to CBRs:


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What does RND stand for?
RND stands for "Random".
How to abbreviate "Random"?
"Random" can be abbreviated as RND.
What is the meaning of RND abbreviation?
The meaning of RND abbreviation is "Random".
What is RND abbreviation?
One of the definitions of RND is "Random".
What does RND mean?
RND as abbreviation means "Random".
What is shorthand of Random?
The most common shorthand of "Random" is RND.