What does dota mean?

dota means Defence of the Ancients

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What is the abbreviation for Defence of the Ancients?

Defence of the Ancients can be abbreviated as dota
What does dota mean? It stands for Defence of the Ancients
dota - Defence of the Ancients in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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also there's a weird hero called Shadow fiend in dota and he's worse than a ranged creep can u fix it please/

Warga Malaysia ketuai @FNATIC, menang RM5.6 juta dalam kejohanan Dota 2 #TI6

We are ready to announce our DotA roster's news: #navinews #dota2

Back home after long trip back . Peru players passion to dota is huge ! Respect .

Reading dota 2 reddit hurts my brain

everytime i see Dota 2 Update - MAIN CLIENT i hope it says - Billy now knows what armlet really does when you activate it. RIP Billy

The new Apple News logo will look very familiar to Dota 2 fans

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FACEIT Dota 2 Invitational is starting soon! What are your early predictions? #Dota2

SingSing was secretly created in an underground bunker at Valve HQ to test how far Dota can push the limits of player abilities and sanity

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Started playing Dota 2 only two months ago. So, super happy w/ this placement! :D

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What does dota stand for?
dota stands for "Defence of the Ancients".
How to abbreviate "Defence of the Ancients"?
"Defence of the Ancients" can be abbreviated as dota.
What is the meaning of dota abbreviation?
The meaning of dota abbreviation is "Defence of the Ancients".
What is dota abbreviation?
One of the definitions of dota is "Defence of the Ancients".
What does dota mean?
dota as abbreviation means "Defence of the Ancients".
What is shorthand of Defence of the Ancients?
The most common shorthand of "Defence of the Ancients" is dota.
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