What does Lesser mean?

Lesser means Lesser demon

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What is the abbreviation for Lesser demon?

Lesser demon can be abbreviated as Lesser
What does Lesser mean? It stands for Lesser demon
What does Lesser mean? - Definition of Lesser - Lesser stands for Lesser demon. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Lesser

Everyone is human and everyone has a story and a struggle. It is not okay for someone to be made to feel lesser because of who they are.

I really, really want to hear some third party or non-voter whine about "the lesser of two evils" again and justify it given outcome.

I'm wrecked, angry, ashamed. Am I always going to be perceived as the lesser gender? I wish I had words of hope, but honestly, be pissed.

Remember "I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils"? OMG that was ADORABLE!

"the lesser of two evils is still less evil"

Please do complain. It won't make the slightest bit of difference. But lesser women will feel incredibly empowered

Riots/beatings are worse than racist pro-Trump vandalism, but existence of greater evil doesn't mean lesser evil shouldn't be condemned

With the amount of disgusting sexism I see around me, especially in my industry. With the way women are always pushed down as 'lesser'..

New: 50 years after Sayyid Qutb's death, a lesser known yet equally transformational figure passed away on Friday

Greater the preparation lesser would have been the secrecy: GVLN Rao, BJP #BlackmoneyDebate

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"Lesser evilism" isn't a theory. It's how my ancestors lived and died. It's what gave me the liberties I do have

5 Lesser-Known Online Directories Where Your Website Should be Listed | by @MDMJonathan

The Lesser Known Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin

Follow @SuperkickFNDN - raising money for injured Indy workers, sending fans of lesser means to wrestling shows! DAY MADE! MIND BLOWN! RT!

5 Lesser-Known Online Directories Where Your Website Should Be Listed

Brazilian Rafael quits FC IfeanyiUbah after rejecting a lesser role with the club he led to the 2016 Nigerian FA Cup

This Day In History (1863): Abe Lincoln heads to Gettysburg for the famous Gettysburg Address, and a lesser-known holiday doorbuster sale.

Good morning! Low visibility causing #flightdelay at Oslo, Brussels and, to a lesser extent, Amsterdam

Malcolm X on lesser evilism: "It isn't a president who can help or hurt; it is the system" via @BenjaminNorton


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What does Lesser stand for?
Lesser stands for "Lesser demon".
How to abbreviate "Lesser demon"?
"Lesser demon" can be abbreviated as Lesser.
What is the meaning of Lesser abbreviation?
The meaning of Lesser abbreviation is "Lesser demon".
What is Lesser abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Lesser is "Lesser demon".
What does Lesser mean?
Lesser as abbreviation means "Lesser demon".
What is shorthand of Lesser demon?
The most common shorthand of "Lesser demon" is Lesser.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Lesser in term.