What does Irin mean?

Irin means Irinveron

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What is the abbreviation for Irinveron?

Irinveron can be abbreviated as Irin
What does Irin mean? It stands for Irinveron
Irin - Irinveron in Undefined by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Irin

Hi @JillFilipovic @irin @AmandaMarcotte @JessicaValenti Please condemn. Hello... Anyone? Oh...

Lawyer for woman accusing Trump of rape just called off the press conference h/t @irin

Sorry anti-abortion #gynoticians, #SCOTUS didn't fall for your tricks. via @irin

Aren't women supposed to be emotional and erratic? In this race, it's the woman who looks steady and safe. @irin

w/@irin: Hillary Clinton makes history.

Texas Accused of Suppressing Key Abortion Data via @NBCNews @irin #HB2 #txlege

Does Donald Trump have a double standard for women? Here's a look from @irin #Decision2016

Read this @theglipper thread on RBG & Trump. Suspect he's right that she sees it as requiring extraordinary measures

@irin And the state of women in America IS... men, talking too much

1 of my favorite books of all time, "Notorious RBG" by @irin & @shanakn, on sale today $1.99 on Kindle. HIGHLY rec'd

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@irin @drvox Heh. I mean, if you count nonwhite working class voters in the total, then the Dem problem with the working class disappears.

@SamSacks @irin Then how do you explain this 2008 headline: "Democrats Nominate Obama By Acclamation"?

Trump's #womancard comments are just "boorish misogyny" mixed with the politics of resentment - @irin:

First saying he changes diapers, then naming Fiorina. That's the angle he's going for. @irin nailed it.

@ 6:15p ET a panel of authors on #SupremeCourt books featuring @Tonymauro @DavidLat @SCOTUSHUMOR @irin

Here is that section, with that important detail at the start that set up those following lines @irin.

Move over #DonaldTrump: Women are already being prosecuted for having abortions. @irin @msnbc

Shin ka san irin barnar da gobara ta yi a kasuwar Kano?

Researchers have named a new species of praying mantis after Ruth Bader Ginsburg cc: @irin


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Irin stand for?
Irin stands for "Irinveron".
How to abbreviate "Irinveron"?
"Irinveron" can be abbreviated as Irin.
What is the meaning of Irin abbreviation?
The meaning of Irin abbreviation is "Irinveron".
What is Irin abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Irin is "Irinveron".
What does Irin mean?
Irin as abbreviation means "Irinveron".
What is shorthand of Irinveron?
The most common shorthand of "Irinveron" is Irin.