What does FOB mean?

FOB means The Field of Bone

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What is the abbreviation for The Field of Bone?

The Field of Bone can be abbreviated as FOB
What does FOB mean? It stands for The Field of Bone
FOB - The Field of Bone in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FOB

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Cover album is now available! PATD, FOB, ATL and more! iTunes

I asked Robby Mook about Moroccan King wanting mtg w/ Clinton for $12 M & Haiti relief program's relation to FOB's.

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Don't try to hide evidence of sexual or physical abuse of kids. Don't fob off rapes onto the corrupt Nauruan police force

#HillaryClinton State Department gave special consideration to "friends of Bill." "Is this a FOB!":

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BeOn's smart security #lightbulbs add key fob controls

When you click your car alarm fob after parking and locking up your bicycle, you know it's been a long day.

Re: missing FOB Event plates, an online announcement will go out tonight with further details on player rewards

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What does FOB stand for?
FOB stands for "The Field of Bone".
How to abbreviate "The Field of Bone"?
"The Field of Bone" can be abbreviated as FOB.
What is the meaning of FOB abbreviation?
The meaning of FOB abbreviation is "The Field of Bone".
What is FOB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FOB is "The Field of Bone".
What does FOB mean?
FOB as abbreviation means "The Field of Bone".
What is shorthand of The Field of Bone?
The most common shorthand of "The Field of Bone" is FOB.
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