What does FOB mean?

FOB means Fine Oriental Boy

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What is the abbreviation for Fine Oriental Boy?

Fine Oriental Boy can be abbreviated as FOB
What does FOB mean? It stands for Fine Oriental Boy
FOB - Fine Oriental Boy in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FOB

Don't try to hide evidence of sexual or physical abuse of kids. Don't fob off rapes onto the corrupt Nauruan police force

Lyft driver has played Muse, Panic and FOB on the way to the studio. Today's gonna be alright!

my broken key fob #bryanadamsgetup

#ClickCheckKeep - check your fob has done its job before walking away from your car.

When you click your car alarm fob after parking and locking up your bicycle, you know it's been a long day.

#HillaryClinton State Department gave special consideration to "friends of Bill." "Is this a FOB!":

At FOB Salerno, Afghanistan with @SandraBrown_NYT USO Tour Thriller ll. #VeteransDay #ThankYouVeterans

Check out some of the better FOB streamers and learn the best tactics when going for #disarmament #deterrence

Jack Anawak - #Nunavut has 1/10th of 1% of Cdn population, 20% of Cdn landmass. Challenges to political rep'n. #ERRE #Iqaluit #FOB

Bring your Mazda key fob with you to Austin & ask us about the special things we're doing for owners! #MazdaSXSW

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The new #BMW 7-Series has a super cool key fob with a digital display that also parks your car!

only a few more days left to get your FOB x @chicagobulls collab shirt. don't slack, get yours on

Have you checked your fob has done its job? #ClickItCheckItKeepIt

Source: Yao to enter Basketball Hall of Fame ORIGINAL BASED FOB! YAO THE GOD!

@vaIenz wrong guy in fob I actually played sports growing up and love sports ur looking for #patrick

MR @sureshpprabhu inaugurating new FOB at Vile Parle station.#RAILBUDGETCOMMITMENT #TRANSFORMINGINDIA

New SP and FOB developments and feature changes including Ocelot's Tornado-6 from MGO

The 40-year fob off...good article by @KittyHollandIT. If you haven't read it yet it is here:

FYI; the recent Skulls Attack FOB event contained a bug that reduced the enemy total HP. This has since been correctly adjusted.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does FOB stand for?
FOB stands for "Fine Oriental Boy".
How to abbreviate "Fine Oriental Boy"?
"Fine Oriental Boy" can be abbreviated as FOB.
What is the meaning of FOB abbreviation?
The meaning of FOB abbreviation is "Fine Oriental Boy".
What is FOB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FOB is "Fine Oriental Boy".
What does FOB mean?
FOB as abbreviation means "Fine Oriental Boy".
What is shorthand of Fine Oriental Boy?
The most common shorthand of "Fine Oriental Boy" is FOB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word FOB in term.