What does FTL mean?

FTL means For the Lose

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What is the abbreviation for For the Lose?

For the Lose can be abbreviated as FTL
What does FTL mean? It stands for For the Lose
FTL - For the Lose in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having FTL

I will be making an EPIC appearance in the #MiamiArea at The @ImprovFTL THIS weekend!

Also in the beta, there are more than 3 Combat Rigs available. You just have to rank up to unlock others. Level 15 unlocks FTL rig.

You can unlock bonus RIGS in the Beta right now! FTL Eraser gameplay RT

Steam's latest hit is a great mix of FTL and XCOM

Abandon Ship promises to bring the pressure of FTL-style command to the high seas.

Steam's latest hit is a great mix of FTL and XCOM

I've been playing this lately. Action rogue like space sim, but done in the style of FTL. Recommend it!

I'm kind of liking the FTL Rig :) #InfiniteWarfare

That's it, I'm playing FTL all weekend.

Holy faster than light! Have you tried out our new FTL beta release?

More Comments with FTL...

Abandon Ship is FTL with sailboats and a drizzle of Cthulhu

What if you mixed Dark Souls with Freelancer and FTL?

Abandon Ship wants to be FTL on the seven seas -

FINAL SCORE: CAR 3 FTL 0 #3points #PushForThePlayoffs



Postseason Race Snapshot Club | @RayoOKC Total Pts | 41 Pts Back | 0 Schedule | @ FTL, vs IND Tiebreaker | +3 GD

Playing the objective? Get there first with the FTL Combat Rig's Power Slide and FTL Jump Payload. #InfiniteWarfare

71' YOU SHALL NOT PASS! @T_Spangenberg keeps @FTLStrikers at bay with two saves. #FTL 0 - 0 #PRFC. #FTLvPRFC


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does FTL stand for?
FTL stands for "For the Lose".
How to abbreviate "For the Lose"?
"For the Lose" can be abbreviated as FTL.
What is the meaning of FTL abbreviation?
The meaning of FTL abbreviation is "For the Lose".
What is FTL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of FTL is "For the Lose".
What does FTL mean?
FTL as abbreviation means "For the Lose".
What is shorthand of For the Lose?
The most common shorthand of "For the Lose" is FTL.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word FTL in term.

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