What does Lumby mean?

Lumby means Lumbridge

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What is the abbreviation for Lumbridge?

Lumbridge can be abbreviated as Lumby
What does Lumby mean? It stands for Lumbridge
What does Lumby mean? - Definition of Lumby - Lumby stands for Lumbridge. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Lumby

Eddie McGuire is the poster boy for an era we should have waved goodbye to | Catharine Lumby

Lord Stanley surprises never get old. #KraftHockeyville is underway in Lumby, BC.

2016 #KraftHockeyville host Lumby, BC welcomes the #stanleycup @NHL @HockeyHallFame

When you've waited years to report a trauma, the last thing you need is another hurdle | Catharine Lumby

The view from Lumby, where this young fan will remember today for the rest of his life.

A warm #KraftHockeyville welcome for the @EdmontonOilers and @LAKings in Lumby, BC.

The #Hockeyville red carpet in Lumby, Vernon B.C. More:

Congratulations Lumby, the #KraftHockeyville trophy is yours - now game on @LAKings & @EdmontonOilers!

Zack & Griffin at the #KraftHockeyville clinic in Lumby!

Enjoy the NHL game tonite Lumby/Vernon! a couple well deserving communities and rinks where Ive played many games in #home #KraftHockeyville

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Live from Lumby. BC, it's #KraftHockeyville. Tune in now.

Some services can't be measured by accounting firms. Prison education is one of them | Catharine Lumby

A fun photo gallery: Experiencing Kraft Hockeyville in Lumby, Vernon

Richard Lumby, MD, @Carillionplc Defence & Security missed all MoD contract targets and yet still got a bonus! #forceshomes @CommonsPAC

#KalTire Place will host #NHL pre-season game following #Lumby #Hockeyville win

#LAKings to play preseason game in Lumby, BC, as part of Kraft @hockeyville annual event:

Our #exploreBC photo of the day by @ytakasaka: May 1, 2016 Aurora from home Lumby, BC @TourismVernon

RT @ytakasaka: Mother's Day Aurora! Lumby, BC @AuroraMAX @aurorawatch @FriendsofNASA @ExploreCanada @TourismVernon

LUMB SIGNS NEW THREE YEAR DEAL We are thrilled to announce @lumby_4's new deal at the club!


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What does Lumby stand for?
Lumby stands for "Lumbridge".
How to abbreviate "Lumbridge"?
"Lumbridge" can be abbreviated as Lumby.
What is the meaning of Lumby abbreviation?
The meaning of Lumby abbreviation is "Lumbridge".
What is Lumby abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Lumby is "Lumbridge".
What does Lumby mean?
Lumby as abbreviation means "Lumbridge".
What is shorthand of Lumbridge?
The most common shorthand of "Lumbridge" is Lumby.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Lumby in term.

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