What does Rox mean?

Rox means This rocks

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for This rocks?

This rocks can be abbreviated as Rox
Other shorthands for This rocks are: rawks, ROX, R, ro, (rock), rawk, rcks, m/
What does Rox mean? It stands for This rocks
Rox - This rocks in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Rox

Your #Worlds 2016 Groups Group A ROX/G2/CLG/Albus Group B FW/SKT/IM/C9 Group C EDG/AHQ/H2K/INTZ Group D TSM/RNG/SSG/SPY

well at least we enjoyed ROX vs SKT 2-3. SSG gave us one fun game to watch but this is gg.

I wonder if Gorilla could be the most popular player at Worlds if he changed his ID to ROX Harambe Think of the memes, @LOL_Tigers

Cuando te toca ROX Tigers pero no quieres perder la compostura

#Rox win the series! Let's keep it going on the road!

Best Worlds Final by far. Second best night at Worlds behind SKT vs. ROX.

Grupo A ROX/G2/CLG/Albus Grupo B FW/SKT/IM/C9 Grupo C EDG/AHQ/H2K/INTZ Grupo D TSM/RNG/SSG/SPY Esto son los grupos de los Worlds.

Aroldis Chapman pitched the day after he threw 20+ pitches six times this season. He did not allow a run 5x, blew a save vs. Rox on Aug. 19.

Group A: ROX, G2 Group B: SKT, C9 Group C: EDG, H2k Group D: TSM, RNG My predictions!

TSM Deft? PSG Deft? SKT Deft? ROX Deft? Samsung Deft? KT Deft? ESC Deft? MVP Deft? Longzhu Deft? ABCDEFt?

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Wake up, see every Korean team in first place in their group. Who is looking forward to a ROX vs SKT rematch in finals? I know I am !

SKT Mata ROX Mata SSG Mata KT Mata JAGW Mata AF Mata LZ Mata TSM Mata IMaTa FNC Mata PSG Mata MVP Mata KDM Mata Papa Johns Mata RNG Mata

CLG needed to beat ROX to advance or be eliminated = lost TSM needed to beat RNG to advance or be eliminated = lost C9 need to beat IM..

It's the off-season and they might be using subs, but ROX and SKT will at least dance together once more. KeSPA cup semifinal!

Rockets & Mavs...again...as HOU looks for the home & home sweep. Join us on @SportsTalk790 & @ktrhnews. Rox have won 7 of the last 10 vs DAL

@MatthewBerryTMR love ur stuff on ESPN, read ur book & the fantasy life app rox! Playing my bro in fantasy. Should I start Julio or Hilton?

Rays put 1 on the board in the 1st. Nice play by Nolan & Hundley to throw out a runner at home. #Rox coming to bat!

The North 1, Group 4 bracket is 8 Rox at 1 WHills 5 Fair Lawn at 4 West Morris 7 Randolph at 2 Irvington 6 Mo Knolls at 3 Wayne Valley

A new era starts on Monday. Jay Rox Ft @Wezi_heartsound produced by @CashrollBeatz


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What does Rox stand for?
Rox stands for "This rocks".
How to abbreviate "This rocks"?
"This rocks" can be abbreviated as Rox.
What is the meaning of Rox abbreviation?
The meaning of Rox abbreviation is "This rocks".
What is Rox abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Rox is "This rocks".
What does Rox mean?
Rox as abbreviation means "This rocks".
What is shorthand of This rocks?
The most common shorthand of "This rocks" is Rox.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Rox in term.