What does Nat mean?

Nat means Nature rune

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What is the abbreviation for Nature rune?

Nature rune can be abbreviated as Nat
What does Nat mean? It stands for Nature rune
Nat - Nature rune in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Nat

So, Trump has selected a white supremacist as strategist, a racist as AG, and a crazy Islamophobe for Nat Sec. But we can work with him!

Saddest part of this election: Coal folk believed the lie that Trump could bring back coal. Power plants now nat gas. Cant change demand.

Thx to our Nat'l Celebrity Amb. @AllyBrooke for spreading the #marchofdimes love on #worldprematurityday!

Oh, off table 2: coal back. GOP now admits what rest of us knew: Sales depend on demand. Plants now fueled w/ nat gas. Demand wont increase

Hey America, here's a damn important piece re the guy who'll be in charge of nat. security in Trump White House.

He's now named a racist AG and an antisemitic Chief of Staff and Nat'l Security Advisor. Trump blew his "chance"

Vol.1 #TheResistanceGQ Racist AG? Antisemitic Nat'l Security Advisor? That "chance" we had to give Trump? He blew it

Ppl freaking out about Pompeo for CIA: He is a decent choice. Flynn 4 Nat Security Advisor is not. Sessions for AG is guaranteed filibuster.

4) @DWStweets put thumb on scale in primary, going on nat TV 2 say @BernieSanders supporters "threw chairs" @ NV Convention w/ out evidence

If the final polls are wrong, they'll all be wrong together. Four nat'l polls from major news orgs this AM put Clinton up between 3-6.

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President: racist sexual predator VP: misogynist homophobe Chief strategist: racist woman beater Nat Sec Adv: Islam-hating bigot AG: racist.

6. AIPAC is reportedly privately furious. Dems have contacts in AIPAC. get them & prominent GOP forces (donors, Nat Sec types) together

Just the publisher of the Nat'l Enquirer and the developer of the Trump hotel in Toronto and....#ByeComey

Trump transition will announce Pompeo for CIA, Sessions for AG, and Flynn for Nat Sec Adv this morning, I'm told.

Mike Flynn,tapped as US Nat.Sec.Adviser- @KatyTurNBC quotes insiders saying he is "quick to anger, a hothead". Good adviser for Trump?

Prince Harry will today lead the nation in commemorating Armistice Day at the Service of Remembrance @Nat_Mem_Arb

President wants his unqualified, unelected children to get security clearance so they can "unofficially consult" on nat security #notnormal

Net als bij de Brexit, zegt de kiezer: "Luister naar ons." Dit is een rebellie tegen de elite. Gevestigde partijen, maak je borst maar nat.

From the @CWGC War Graves to the #ArmisticeDay service at @Nat_Mem_Arb, read about the Royal Family at #Remembrance:


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What does Nat stand for?
Nat stands for "Nature rune".
How to abbreviate "Nature rune"?
"Nature rune" can be abbreviated as Nat.
What is the meaning of Nat abbreviation?
The meaning of Nat abbreviation is "Nature rune".
What is Nat abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Nat is "Nature rune".
What does Nat mean?
Nat as abbreviation means "Nature rune".
What is shorthand of Nature rune?
The most common shorthand of "Nature rune" is Nat.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Nat in term.