What does HSM mean?

HSM means Hollowshade Moor

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Hollowshade Moor?

Hollowshade Moor can be abbreviated as HSM
What does HSM mean? It stands for Hollowshade Moor
HSM - Hollowshade Moor in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having HSM

#AmateurNight star @ashleytisdale reveals the challenges of playing a prostitute and breaking out of the 'HSM' mold:

We loved having a Wildcat reunion at our Inn last night! #HolidayInnMusical #HSM @corbinbleu @zacefron @mrgrabeel

Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sport

The morbid tragedy of Galkacyo war is that pres HSM - the man who suppose 2 show a leadership - is out for his re-election campaign & silent

#HappyBirthdayZacEfron! See which times he recreated classic #HSM moments >>

This #HSM medley is so good, even @ZacEfron would approve!

"Call me back faster than Troy and Gabriella got a call back in HSM" is literally the best thing I've ever said.

With #HSM and A Cinderella Story getting reboots, 5 more 2000s movies we want to see remade

Could you imagine if the original #HSM cast returned for High School Musical 4?! We can:

#TBT to the moment that started it all. #TroyAndGabriellaForever #HSM #HighSchoolMusical

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Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat! The casting search for #HighSchoolMusical4 starts today! #HSM #HighSchoolMusical

Calling all #Wildcats! A nationwide casting search begins today for #HighSchoolMusical4! #HighSchoolMusical #HSM

So excited that @DisneyChannel just announced High School Musical 4!!! #HSM 4

Here's how the original High School Musical cast should return for HSM 4:

Here's how the original HSM cast should return for High School Musical 4:

Last chance to enter into our Dega Sweeps. RT - Link to enter: #PEAKinDEGA @team_hsm

I can't remember more than 10 elements in the periodic table, but I can remember every single word to "Breaking Free" from HSM

#Somalia: On the 73rd anniversary of the National Youth Day Pres HSM renews amnesty offer for Al-Shabab fighters.

ICYMI: #DisneyChannel will host a "High School Musical 4" open call tomorrow, May 15 in Anaheim. #HSM4opencall


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does HSM stand for?
HSM stands for "Hollowshade Moor".
How to abbreviate "Hollowshade Moor"?
"Hollowshade Moor" can be abbreviated as HSM.
What is the meaning of HSM abbreviation?
The meaning of HSM abbreviation is "Hollowshade Moor".
What is HSM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of HSM is "Hollowshade Moor".
What does HSM mean?
HSM as abbreviation means "Hollowshade Moor".
What is shorthand of Hollowshade Moor?
The most common shorthand of "Hollowshade Moor" is HSM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word HSM in term.