What does Cav mean?

Cav means Cavalier hats

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What is the abbreviation for Cavalier hats?

Cavalier hats can be abbreviated as Cav
What does Cav mean? It stands for Cavalier hats
Cav - Cavalier hats in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Cav

Gutted for Cav!! And gutted I couldn't help more, punctured as the race was splitting to bits... #echolonswaitfornoman

If you've never seen a points race before, this would be a good 'un to start with...Cav 2nd, 16pts behind Viviani...prepare to be confused

The bullets, rockets and grenades that rained upon the camp was like nothing any of the men of 3-61 Cav had ever seen before. Relentless.

There's plenty of #TeamGB fans in the velodrome. All for one man... Cav. Live @BBCOne:

14% de paro en la CAV frente al 8% de la media europea. 33% de paro juvenil, el doble de la media europea. @miren_larrion @NewEconomyForum

.@cav_athletics @menorris3 is our Advanced Physical Therapy Center Athlete of the Week.

The next day the men of 3-61 Cav were evacuated out. They still had 7 months left in their tour. COP Keating was leveled by US bombs.

2 sprints left, joint Silver position now, but Gold is slipping away from Cav..

.@BEAUTYandYOUTH is set to release an exclusive drop of @CAVEMPT items.

.@USArmy's 1st Cavalry Division turns 95 :

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London rapper MC Pinty models @CAVEMPT fall/winter 2016 editorial for 'Them Magazine.'

.@CAVEMPT releases a @VANS_66 collaboration for 2016 fall/winter.

.@cav_athletics and future Spartan Meredith Norris was surprised with Michigan's Miss Volleyball

A crash for Cav while rival Greipel takes top honours on stage one of the #tob2016

.@lchscougarsport, @RaidersPAA, @WolfpackLHS, @cav_athletics among area's state-ranked football teams. via @LSJnews

Alle 2330, tra poco, @MatrixCanale5 non vi perdete Confalonieri. I segreti del Cav, i soldi delle prime avventure, le liti con Indro e m5s

"In @RSVPGallery went Cav Empt crazy"

7 Outstanding Leadership Lessons From The 2016 Cleveland Cav... #entrepreneur #startup

London 6 day was actually 6 days and 1 hour. And Wiggins and Cav lost it in the last hour. Quick, someone whistle up a conspiracy theory.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Cav stand for?
Cav stands for "Cavalier hats".
How to abbreviate "Cavalier hats"?
"Cavalier hats" can be abbreviated as Cav.
What is the meaning of Cav abbreviation?
The meaning of Cav abbreviation is "Cavalier hats".
What is Cav abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Cav is "Cavalier hats".
What does Cav mean?
Cav as abbreviation means "Cavalier hats".
What is shorthand of Cavalier hats?
The most common shorthand of "Cavalier hats" is Cav.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Cav in term.