What does CHop mean?

CHop means Clan Hopping

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What is the abbreviation for Clan Hopping?

Clan Hopping can be abbreviated as CHop
What does CHop mean? It stands for Clan Hopping
CHop - Clan Hopping in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CHop

President Trump: chop chop! high energy high energy! better start working!

ISIS crucify 'spies', chop a thief's hand off and hurl a man off a roof for being gay

Ryan lays out his agenda: tax cuts, deregulation, ACA repeal, chop Medicare spending, "physical barrier" on border.

Pulisic literally just got chop blocked by a Mexico defender

Your friends dey talk this & that! Where dem dey when we dey chop grass!!!!

This gentle giant is too big to chop down in a single night but the govt's started tearing away its branches

#2016Election Judo Chop, @seanhannity!

Does anyone remember the video day when I had that giant sliver in my lip from eating w/ chop sticks like a moron?

i miss the old Trump feed straight from the go Trump feed chop up the soul Trump feed set on his goals Trump feed

12 reasons why you should make the chop this fall.

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12 reasons why you should make the chop this fall.

12 reasons why you should make the chop this fall.

Today I'm doing the Dj Michael Watts chop your song special. DM me or Inbox me for details!

On the bright side Debit cards and credit cards are still valid to chop up your lines of coke

ABC Radio jobs for the chop as Aunty looks to save $5m:

i dey kai d days wey be say i dey take her Money! i go give er story & i swear she no sey i jus want to Chop Her Money!

Texas throws for a TD but is called for a chop block. Longhorns have 2nd and goal at the Tech 24 now.

Just announced! @ggazebos, @SCannibalsBand & @boyfriends_band will be hitting Chop in the new year on 1/12! Tix available Friday at 10am.

If you hear or read any sportswriter complain about deadline tonight feel free to karate chop them.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CHop stand for?
CHop stands for "Clan Hopping".
How to abbreviate "Clan Hopping"?
"Clan Hopping" can be abbreviated as CHop.
What is the meaning of CHop abbreviation?
The meaning of CHop abbreviation is "Clan Hopping".
What is CHop abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CHop is "Clan Hopping".
What does CHop mean?
CHop as abbreviation means "Clan Hopping".
What is shorthand of Clan Hopping?
The most common shorthand of "Clan Hopping" is CHop.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CHop in term.