What does wl mean?

wl means Wakening Land

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Wakening Land?

Wakening Land can be abbreviated as wl
What does wl mean? It stands for Wakening Land
wl - Wakening Land in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having wl

Download encrypted future WL publications for safekeeping: A)

QURBANI TIME: Dar,Shehbaz,Nisar offred 2 goats 2 COAS on Cyril story but rquestd him2 'Let Us Handle Them". NO was d answer. Pindi wl handle

This @CNN article breathlessly claims "mounting evidence" Russia is feeding WL emails: cites *no* evidence for this

If any of the emails in WL release - which have been reported everywhere- were fake, Podesta & others would say so. They haven't. Guess why?

WHAT NXT? Aftr Army's firm position on @cyalm story if no1 caught, wl it mean all now free to breach natl security. R we now a lawless state

@reillyadam What is WL supposed to do? It can only publish what sources provide. NYT published Trump's taxes but not HRC's Wall St speeches.

One very important outcome of India Foundation- Heritage event in DC was d coining of a new phrase 'Modi Doctrine'. More wl b written abt it

The @chicagotribune cheering WL shutdown = WPost calling for Snowden's prosecution after publishing his docs

At the ParliamentHouse for Dr. @subhashchandra 's oath in RajyaSabha.His presence inRS wl benefit India&Haryana both

I welcome the historical decision taken by PM @narendramodi it wl definitely curb down the black money issue & reduce corruption drastically

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@JustinRaimondo WL was often critical of how we published Snowden docs. Non-children can critique one another w/out seeing it as betrayal.

This study shows why its imp to support E-commerce! It is & wl be one of the highest job-creators in the near future

Reachd Delhi ystrdy aftr 2 days #ParivartanYatra in UP. Left for UK,wl lay foundation stone for the #TechCenter at Sitarganj,UdhamSinghNagar

.@coopwillxc of @WL_Track_Field becomes Indiana's third sub-1:50 800-meter runner. He is @IUTrackXC recruit.

Gdmrning to all.. Now gearing up for other projects..time to say gdbye to AKHTAR..bt wl alwaz cherish d appreciation and success he got..

Missing JNU Student Najeeb's parents met LOP Rajya Sabha. Mr G.N.Azad assured them tht he wl raise the issue on the 2nd day of Wintr Session

#Indian mkts wl eventually rise,due to steep hike in capital/social spending by GOI,thx to lower fiscal deficit,thx again to #Demonetisation

Guessing that kid's parents are as annoyed as I was about the email we were sent about the election. I sent Rory in a WL shirt over it yest

. @KipropAsbel wins #BirminghamDL 1500m in 3:29.33 WL MR No one has ever run faster on UK soil


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does wl stand for?
wl stands for "Wakening Land".
How to abbreviate "Wakening Land"?
"Wakening Land" can be abbreviated as wl.
What is the meaning of wl abbreviation?
The meaning of wl abbreviation is "Wakening Land".
What is wl abbreviation?
One of the definitions of wl is "Wakening Land".
What does wl mean?
wl as abbreviation means "Wakening Land".
What is shorthand of Wakening Land?
The most common shorthand of "Wakening Land" is wl.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word wl in term.