What does GGS mean?

GGS means Group gatestone

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What is the abbreviation for Group gatestone?

Group gatestone can be abbreviated as GGS
What does GGS mean? It stands for Group gatestone
GGS - Group gatestone in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having GGS

2v2 Gamebattles Modern Warfare Remastered SND Champions with @x2Pac_ThuGLorD! GGs!

Not even to be corny but congratulations to Cleveland on an incredible series. That final game has to be the best I've ever watched. GGs!

.@SKGaming beat Na'Vi 2-0 and advance to the playoffs! GGs

Anime will not spread to Croatia, ggs @NPDotA

The greatest of all-time, Faker, has won his 3rd League of Legends World Championship... What a legend. What a series. GGs!

Congrats @Cloud9, you guys showed some really good level of CS. Enjoy the victory! And sad for SK losing on home soil. GGs

40-15 CTF, 5-1 SnD, 36-25 Demo. GGs IXI! 3-0! In WB Finals now!

@FaZe_Rain ggs kehd

Got 9th at Smash The Record going all Ness :) GGs @NintendudeSSB @TheMoon112 @HugS86

3v3 IW PRIME #CHAMPS w/ @EnVy_SlasheR & @Nagafen $400 EACH! GGs to everyone played, made a team last minute and won! #4DaSkinz

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Tough fkin loss..GGs 17-19 @FaZeClan

We won 2-0 today vs @Cloud9 and tie 1-1 vs @OpTicGaming for ECS. GGs!

See you at Worlds! #NRGWIN GGs to @SanguineEsports

So due to SK beating NiP we won't be qualifying for the playoffs, GGs 16-12 @heroicgg

Ayyye #OpTicCSGO GGs

GGs to cellium, hitman, jetli, eddie, moving on the next round, come chill! @Enable @Clayster @Attach

Won the series 3-2 with a reverse sweep, GGs to @TeamAllegiance! 3 more matches left @

Won the GB 3v3 SnD with @Mooseman95 and @infused_Nolson! GGs to all. #SeasonOneyB

Let's go! Huge win. GGs to e6. Really happy with the squad lately.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does GGS stand for?
GGS stands for "Group gatestone".
How to abbreviate "Group gatestone"?
"Group gatestone" can be abbreviated as GGS.
What is the meaning of GGS abbreviation?
The meaning of GGS abbreviation is "Group gatestone".
What is GGS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of GGS is "Group gatestone".
What does GGS mean?
GGS as abbreviation means "Group gatestone".
What is shorthand of Group gatestone?
The most common shorthand of "Group gatestone" is GGS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word GGS in term.