What does congratz mean?

congratz means congratulations

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in game Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for congratulations?

congratulations can be abbreviated as congratz
Other shorthands for congratulations are: GZ, GRATZ, GRATS, cg, CST, w00t
What does congratz mean? It stands for congratulations
What does congratz mean? - Definition of congratz - congratz stands for congratulations. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having congratz

@FaZeBlaziken congratz homie:) keep killin it

Peacemaker congratZ! Now check this photo

What a finals. Congratz @Immortals

Awesome tournament. Congratz navi and VP. So much resillience on that maratona day it was for VP. 6 games in a row, 3 maps w/ overtime. GG

So funny how people can't just give credit!!! They think everything is rigged!!! Congratz to The Cav's...Lebron and the City of Cleveland!!!

You deserve @guardiancsgo !! Almost cried with you as I saw u speechless after winning. Congratz god

.@Alitalia Great game, congratz! Let's hope we see each other again later on in the tournament for a rematch! #belita

Every Kids Childhood Dream, Bring Championship Home For The Home Team... He Did That. Congratz Lebron You Deserve It. #OATW #nbafinals2016

You now have the best Iphone in the world. Congratz!

Nice match!! Congratz Italia! #BELITA

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Beuh .. Congratz Miller buat sejarah baru non-factory rider sejak 2006 !! What a RACE !!! #AutoSport #DutchGP

GG congratz @TeamVirtuspro well played. Sorry to my fans.

"Never Give Up" - Congratz & Respect @IMTLucas1 @IMTSHOOWTiME @IMTHEN1 @IMTfelps @IMTBoltz @IMTzakk

Mygoddddd I hate this lose feel but the best team won today. Congratz VP. No excuses we will practice much more to win the next tournaments.

Just saw @G2shox went 36-16 vs NiP. That is a must watch. Congratz man!

.@Matt_Cooke86 Congratz Donna Ah chee and Dr John Boffa @amapresident Healthcare Award

Cant even say how awesome is this. Congratz ESEA! Hopefull this will put and give more opportunity to this region

@AKA_Wonder @SKGaming Congratz!

@RealMattLucas yessss congratz! I couldn't hang, two games were enough for me


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does congratz stand for?
congratz stands for "congratulations".
How to abbreviate "congratulations"?
"congratulations" can be abbreviated as congratz.
What is the meaning of congratz abbreviation?
The meaning of congratz abbreviation is "congratulations".
What is congratz abbreviation?
One of the definitions of congratz is "congratulations".
What does congratz mean?
congratz as abbreviation means "congratulations".
What is shorthand of congratulations?
The most common shorthand of "congratulations" is congratz.