What does CDR mean?

CDR means Continental DRift

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What is the abbreviation for Continental DRift?

Continental DRift can be abbreviated as CDR
What does CDR mean? It stands for Continental DRift
CDR - Continental DRift in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CDR

As we mourn the loss of PAF Wg Cdr Fayyaz Athar Malik, martyred today, so too do we rise in gratitude for his brave services to Pakistan 1/2

Veterans and Widows above 80 yrs felicitated by Army Cdr #CentComd at Jabalpur on the occasion #KargilVijayDiwas

Wg. Cdr. Pooja Thakur who led Guard of Honour during Obama visit takes #IAF to tribunal for Permenant commission.

#CJTFOIR completes TOA hosted by @CENTCOM Cdr, GEN Votel. Welcome LTG Townsend, thank you LTG MacFarland

60km from Mosul, Q-West received its 3rd fixed-wing airplane, carrying CENTCOM cdr! It's now a vital logistics hub for Iraq.

#AFG CDR Akbar Andarabi was one of the best Special forces commander. Many silent heroes in ANSF. V proud of your sacrifices.

CENTCOM cdr & Combined Joint Task Force cdr talk w news media during nighttime visit to Q-West, Iraqi base

ICYMI: #CJTFOIR completes TOA hosted by @CENTCOM Cdr, GEN Votel. Welcome LTG Townsend, thank you LTG MacFarland

.@astro_timpeake CDR MacLeod sent orders: pls sign #hellomynameis 4 Erin/Natty @RebeccaCrossle2 #getthenationsigning

Change of command aboard ISS, Ex49 CDR Alexey Ivanishin handed over to Ex50 CDR Shane Kimbrough at 1937 UTC

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@SpokespersonMoD IN delegates with Dy Chief of Def Forces, Seychelles and Cdr Seychelles Coast Guard

#BCRP: Bajan saldos de Swaps cambiarios y CDR por menor demanda de forwards de no residentes.

Commuting home? @RoyalNavy F-35 pilot Lt Cdr Adam Hogg gives us a wave from his 'office'

Il disimpegno di #Fca da #Rcs: il comunicato del Cdr di @Gazzetta_it

Happy anniversary! 107 yrs ago, explorer Matthew Henson and Cdr Robert Peary became the 1st to reach the North Pole.

Last's episode Tallent ID: 02. Andrew Rayel - The End At Pianoland (@AttilaSyah Remix) [CDR] #FYH045

SOUTHCOM Cdr, @ADMKurtWTidd meeting w/ @FuerzasMilCol troops in #Colombia this week

Deterring piracy off the coast of #Somalia is an international effort: #OpAtalanta Force Cdr with Cdr CTF 151

New Cdr at SEA - Support Element Atalanta. Providing support to #OpAtalanta in #Djibouti. @MarineNationale


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CDR stand for?
CDR stands for "Continental DRift".
How to abbreviate "Continental DRift"?
"Continental DRift" can be abbreviated as CDR.
What is the meaning of CDR abbreviation?
The meaning of CDR abbreviation is "Continental DRift".
What is CDR abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CDR is "Continental DRift".
What does CDR mean?
CDR as abbreviation means "Continental DRift".
What is shorthand of Continental DRift?
The most common shorthand of "Continental DRift" is CDR.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CDR in term.