What does SOS mean?

SOS means Stronghold of security

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What is the abbreviation for Stronghold of security?

Stronghold of security can be abbreviated as SOS
What does SOS mean? It stands for Stronghold of security
SOS - Stronghold of security in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SOS

Cuando sos un desastre con las minas es tipo:

A veces si sos bueno te toman por pelotudo

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Who is Donald Trump on the #GOPTitanic? #SOS

No tenes una idea lo importante que sos para mi.

Hillary say Trump has "ignored blacks for decades." As a First Lady, Senator and SOS, name something you did for blacks Hillary?

What's to stop Hillary from breaking the law as POTUS? She did as SOS and NOTHING happened.

By showing Romney the respect of considering him for SOS, he dulls the knives of an insurgency while costing him nothing.

By considering Romney for SOS he earns much goodwill with the opposition without actually giving him the job.

Where is CNN getting completely different MI numbers than the SOS whose job it is to present those numbers?

Los giles te odian porque sos feminista y vos tipo...

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If Trump picked Sessions 4 SecDef, Giuliani 4 AG, Romney 4 SoS, Flynn 4 CIA, no Senate fights. Now, endless fights. Amateur hour.

It's funny, I don't recall news about Hillary having coughing fits when she was SOS. I guess these are new "special" allergies?

remember when GOP said Susan Rice was disqualified from being Obama's SoS nominee b/c Benghazi? and press basically played along....

It's odd that CNN's final count in MI is showing only 96% in with a closer finish that the SOS of MI (the official numbers).

We must form coalitions & vote for folks esp. SOS who will expand & protect access to ballot box for ALL!

and address why NYT still hasn't reported on release of Powell note telling Clinton how to avoid email detection as SoS?

my coworkers are bullying me because i love candy corn sos

Decent: sessions, sec defense; Giuliani, AG; Romney SOS; Flynn CIA. Bad: sessions, AG; Giuliani, SOS; Flynn, ns advisor; ? Sec defense.

Me, when I hear Trump is considering Romney for SoS :/


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What does SOS stand for?
SOS stands for "Stronghold of security".
How to abbreviate "Stronghold of security"?
"Stronghold of security" can be abbreviated as SOS.
What is the meaning of SOS abbreviation?
The meaning of SOS abbreviation is "Stronghold of security".
What is SOS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SOS is "Stronghold of security".
What does SOS mean?
SOS as abbreviation means "Stronghold of security".
What is shorthand of Stronghold of security?
The most common shorthand of "Stronghold of security" is SOS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SOS in term.