What does Short mean?

Short means Shortbow

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What is the abbreviation for Shortbow?

Shortbow can be abbreviated as Short
What does Short mean? It stands for Shortbow
Short - Shortbow in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Short

My little bro @adrianmcamarena just created a Twitter go follow and check out his short film he just made!

Life's too short to be spent on trying to fit in

be grateful and be positive, cause life is too short to always be worried. stop stressing about the little things and realize you're blessed

give this an oscar for best short film

Stop over thinking, stop worrying, stop complaining. Life is too short for all that.

WATCH: #EXO Hypes Things Up In Short MV For Newest Japanese Single "Coming Over"

BEST FRIENDS are the ones you can get mad at only for a short period because you have important stuff to tell them.

Life is short don't miss a chance to tell someone how you really feel

Life is short, live it to the max! #EDMA

In short, we're almost surely looking at all-out kleptocracy, along the lines of what happened in Russia or Ukraine. Strange, isn't it? 4/

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Hillary Primary turnout fell 7 million votes short of Obama 2008, yet media predicts she will dramatically outpace Obama 2008 turnout. No.

I'm running for President because I simply felt that it had to be done. It's nothing short of a miracle that we've gotten this far.

Experts: Trump's family plan to cut business conflicts falls short

NEWS: Joe Biden is at the top of Hillary Clinton's transition team short list to be her secretary of state

A short horror film titled "Pleasantville" by yours truly. @YrBFF, @BuzzFeedVideo I hear you're giving out ...

Super bummed about this vine shut down I had so many fresh ideas for short form comedy

Gingrich and Giuliani are also absent from the roster and Trump is short on the $100M he himself promised.

Modi has changed approx 45 dresses in last 9 days. This is 2 short of 47, the number of peopled died in same period due to demonetization.

#StandWithStandingRock Please watch and share this short film about the tribes fight against injustice #NoDAPL


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What does Short stand for?
Short stands for "Shortbow".
How to abbreviate "Shortbow"?
"Shortbow" can be abbreviated as Short.
What is the meaning of Short abbreviation?
The meaning of Short abbreviation is "Shortbow".
What is Short abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Short is "Shortbow".
What does Short mean?
Short as abbreviation means "Shortbow".
What is shorthand of Shortbow?
The most common shorthand of "Shortbow" is Short.
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