What does CRIT mean?

CRIT means Critical hit (gaming)

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What is the abbreviation for Critical hit (gaming)?

Critical hit (gaming) can be abbreviated as CRIT
What does CRIT mean? It stands for Critical hit (gaming)
CRIT - Critical hit (gaming) in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CRIT

Had a lovely day spending time with the children at the El Crit Children's Hospital.

the ferrante "reveal" unveils the sexist premise of lit crit: a woman's writing speaks of her life, a man's life speaks to his writing

Gracias @_CarlosRivera por visitar CRIT Hidalgo #TuDonacionEsLaSolucion !!!!

I believe that a Natural 20 should always be celebrated. Crit Ability Checks don't "exist", per say, but I allow them to help somewhat.

If they go forward with removing Ghostblade from ranged champions, they should consider adding a new non crit-based first item for ADs

LONDON: don't miss today's @redhookcrit race outside the O2 Arena, free for all spectators

The most neglected aspect of Ghostblade as appealing first item is its lack of reliance on luck. Rushing a crit item often feels frustrating

HOLY...... #Dallas #PrayForDallas 2 snipers shot 10 police officers. 3 Deceased 2 in Surgery 3 Crit Condition This is madness

Colin Strickland goes 3-for-3 with a win at @redhookcrit Barcelona. Recap:

Llegando al CRIT occidente @TeletonMexico la gran banda @BANDA_MS #UnidosPodemos

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A punto de subir a la ganadora de experiencia Vip @sebastianrulli y van rumbo al CRIT #UnidosPodemos @teletonmexico

Feliz de conocer , lo padre de un CRIT @TeletonMexico recuerda #UnidosPodemos lograr una realidad

#UnidosPodemos El Director Gral. @egguart nos invita a visitar el CRIT CDMX @TeletonMexico

.@IanBibby86 (@NFTO ) wins the Wales Open Crit! #EliteCircuitSeries 2nd Harry Tanfield, 3rd Jon Mould - More soon!

.@IanBibby86 (@NFTO ) wins the Wales Open Crit in the #EliteCircuitSeries - Report here!

Porque #UnidosPodemos tu como ellos puedes ir a visiar el CRIT que quieras cuando quieras

.@The_Hollywood now has a pair of jerseys, he is your Crit Nat'l Champion #RoadNats #VW4Cycling @PapaJohns @VW

Video highlights from the Wales Open Crit in the #EliteCircuitSeries are now live!

Five laps left in the Wales Open Crit #EliteCircuitSeries - follow it with our live blog!


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does CRIT stand for?
CRIT stands for "Critical hit (gaming)".
How to abbreviate "Critical hit (gaming)"?
"Critical hit (gaming)" can be abbreviated as CRIT.
What is the meaning of CRIT abbreviation?
The meaning of CRIT abbreviation is "Critical hit (gaming)".
What is CRIT abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CRIT is "Critical hit (gaming)".
What does CRIT mean?
CRIT as abbreviation means "Critical hit (gaming)".
What is shorthand of Critical hit (gaming)?
The most common shorthand of "Critical hit (gaming)" is CRIT.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CRIT in term.