What does wh mean?

wh means World Hopper

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What is the abbreviation for World Hopper?

World Hopper can be abbreviated as wh
What does wh mean? It stands for World Hopper
wh - World Hopper in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having wh

Let us be clear. The hiring of Steve Bannon as a WH policy adviser is exactly the same as hiring David Duke. Please don't normalize this.

So the "outsider" president-elect chose the party hack to run the WH. White ppl who voted 4 "change" - r u keeping track of broken promises?

Selection of Steve Bannon for senior WH role unsurprising but alarming. His alt-right, anti-Semitic & misogynistic views don't belong in WH

Feel nostalgic for days when we argued about hypothetical "bad hombres" and "deplorables", instead having one actually named Senior WH staff

You know what a principled conservative would do, Reince? Refuse to work in a WH with Steve Bannon.

Seeing more outrage in my feed from journos about Trump's Twitter taunt of NYT than his hiring of a white nationalist as top WH aide

Protests show that many leftists think we live in a dictatorship. They lose at every level for years, but only care when they lose the WH.

Trump needs a handler to reign him in and keep him from acting like a petulant child. If that's his son-in-law, by all means, put him in WH!

Jobs/trade/immigration messages key: "Rank And File Union Members In The Rust Belt Propelled Trump To The WH

@RealDonaldTrump must not let insider Trojan horse and Ryan loyalist Reince Priebus in the WH after the back stabs! @RealAlexJones

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- DC poohbahs blasted Obama for not "reaching out to middle" - Bannon appt as if BHO gave Farrakhan WH job - Where are the poohbah blasts?

After eight years of a President who brought intelligence, dignity and openness to the WH, we now have a classless, hateful buffoon.

Outside the WH "I can't believe we've done this" signs

Maher Thinks Trump Presidency Will Rid Us of PC Culture & Islam Apologists Maher happy to have fellow bigot in WH!

Keith #Ellison will push4 #BDS wh is basically a boycott of US businesses who do business w Israel. He is sponsored by woman haters & nazis.

Here's the complete WH statement this morning on @POTUS calls to Pres-Elect Trump and @HillaryClinton.

Mormon mafia apparently now threatening the Trump WH. Unbelievable.

Jesse Jackson To Barack Obama: Give Hillary A Blanket Pardon Before Leaving WH via @WayneDupreeShow

Question for the press: Does the Iran-deal echo chamber, orchestrated by the WH and funded by leftist orgs, qualify as "fake news"?


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What does wh stand for?
wh stands for "World Hopper".
How to abbreviate "World Hopper"?
"World Hopper" can be abbreviated as wh.
What is the meaning of wh abbreviation?
The meaning of wh abbreviation is "World Hopper".
What is wh abbreviation?
One of the definitions of wh is "World Hopper".
What does wh mean?
wh as abbreviation means "World Hopper".
What is shorthand of World Hopper?
The most common shorthand of "World Hopper" is wh.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word wh in term.