What does mk mean?

mk means mountaing king

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What is the abbreviation for mountaing king?

mountaing king can be abbreviated as mk
What does mk mean? It stands for mountaing king
mk - mountaing king in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having mk

Just discovered MK Dons Fan TV. Fair to say it's exceeded all expectations.

Looking forward our Milton Keynes rally on Saturday. 2.30pm Station Square (outside MK Central St). Find out more:

BREAKING: #mkdons have signed Kieran Agard for a club-record transfer fee - full story:

Request all to remain calm n I'm sure th government n th concerned wil surely do th needful n mk sure justice is done.

GOAL! MK Dons 0-1 CITY (Cullen 12) #BCAFC

Happy Birthday @POTUS You will be missed Good Sir. -MK

NEWS: #BristolCity confirm Kieran Agard has joined MK Dons for an undisclosed fee.

FT: MK Dons 1-2 CITY - It's back to back wins for the Bantams. First half goals from Cullen and Clarke decisive. Get in there! #BCAFC

GOAL! MK Dons 0-2 CITY (B.Clarke 17) #BCAFC

They shud rise abv petty politics n think of sfrng of children,elderly n sick to mk a comprehensive plan to deal wd this emergency situation

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Man sought re bank card fraud #Cheam #Sutton #Bracknell #Ascot and #MK

Was hoping the new notes would have someone other than MK Gandhi. A change would've been refreshing #BlackMoney

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Alhamdulilah jk betul sprt Buya bilang kami ni dah SAKIT OTAKnya, mk insyallah kami bebas dr segala kesalahan di mata Allah krn gila?

SHIRTS: Rovers to wear poppies on their shirts for this weekend's clash with MK Dons.

Israel was in favor of Turkey coup, Arab MK claims

Ay mk... prometo no empelotarme pero tampoco tan goliados...

Likud MK @avidichter likens possible unilateral West Bank pullout to people jumping from burning twin towers on 9/11

Arab MK claims Israel 'murdered' Yasser Arafat #ArabIsraeliConflict


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What does mk stand for?
mk stands for "mountaing king".
How to abbreviate "mountaing king"?
"mountaing king" can be abbreviated as mk.
What is the meaning of mk abbreviation?
The meaning of mk abbreviation is "mountaing king".
What is mk abbreviation?
One of the definitions of mk is "mountaing king".
What does mk mean?
mk as abbreviation means "mountaing king".
What is shorthand of mountaing king?
The most common shorthand of "mountaing king" is mk.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word mk in term.