What does Fear mean?

Fear means Plane of Fear

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What is the abbreviation for Plane of Fear?

Plane of Fear can be abbreviated as Fear
What does Fear mean? It stands for Plane of Fear
Fear - Plane of Fear in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Fear

Van Jones, looking choked up, somehow manages to sum up the fear and pain that many are feeling tonight.

No more fear. Only hopeful optimism. I gonna let love be my guide. All my energy will now go towards protecting the rights of ALL Americans

I've just seen people crying in the streets of NY out of genuine fear. It's like Cloverfield but less entertaining and more depressing

Never again can anyone in the US wonder how Germany allowed the Nazi party to take power. Fear and willful stupidity.

No human being is illegal. Everybody has rights, especially the undocumented. There has to be a better way than fear and hate.

I hear the cries of families living in fear of being torn apart. We have come too far as a country in combating discrimination to go back.

There is so much red on that map it looks like the USA is bleeding. If it stays that way I fear it will. #electionday

my heart is broken. I fear the progress we've made for women, LGBTQ folks, POC & ppl with disabilities will soon be erased #ElectionNight

Democracy didn't win today. Hate won Fear won Racism won Sexism won Homophobia won Prejudice won Self - interest won #ElectionNight

Predictable meltdown after a bad day. This is why national security officials fear his presidency. He's unstable.

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Today, I cried for 1st time since election. Not for me. I have a platform & powerful friends. I cried for the voiceless ppl living in fear.

The Honest have nothing to fear......the dishonest will have nowhere to hide: @narendramodi #IAmWithModi

OBAMA: "Hope is on the ballot, and fear is on the ballot too."

No fear

"My big fear is, we are Rome." Gregg Popovich spoke for nearly six minutes on his frustration with the election:

"There can be no better man to be commissioner of #SDLive, than the man that has NO FEAR!" - #Undertaker #SDLive900

A lesson: Living in fear will cost you love. Replace fear with faith. "I have faith, I don't need to be afraid"

Trump truncated his own honeymoon period by appointing a white nationalist to his staff. It was his choice to send a message of fear & hate.

Dianne Feinstein invokes Harvey Milk in statement slamming Bannon: "I know how fear can tear apart a community."


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What does Fear stand for?
Fear stands for "Plane of Fear".
How to abbreviate "Plane of Fear"?
"Plane of Fear" can be abbreviated as Fear.
What is the meaning of Fear abbreviation?
The meaning of Fear abbreviation is "Plane of Fear".
What is Fear abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Fear is "Plane of Fear".
What does Fear mean?
Fear as abbreviation means "Plane of Fear".
What is shorthand of Plane of Fear?
The most common shorthand of "Plane of Fear" is Fear.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Fear in term.