What does Neb mean?

Neb means Nebula)

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Nebula)?

Nebula) can be abbreviated as Neb
Other shorthands for Nebula) are: NAWL, NGC, NDBC, NIS
What does Neb mean? It stands for Nebula)
Neb - Nebula) in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Neb

Lowest QB Rating allowed by DBs lined up in the slot, Power 5 Adarius Pickett, UCLA, 20.8 Chase Hansen, Utah, 22.3 Aaron Williams, NEB, 26.1

Why aren't Trudeau & Notley on a plane to Trump Tower to get the Keystone XL started again? It's already been approved by our NEB. #cdnpoli

My AP ballot:-Bama OhSt Clem Mich UL Wisc PSU Wash OU WVU Colo Utah Neb WMU OkSt WSU USC LSU Aub Boise FSU UF SDSU USF Troy

Tonight I felt the same about Neb as I did 2 wks ago when WIS lost to OSU. Impressed. Keep fighting & believing. #27 #Blackshirts #Huskers

For Chhath Pooja with famous bhojpuri actor and BJP MP @ManojTiwariMP at Neb Sarai, Delhi

Something about that #4. #gobucks beat #neb #NEBvsOSU

My AP ballot this week: Bama Clem Mich Wash UL OhSt Wis A&M Neb Aub OU UF WVU Colo Utah LSU WMU WashSt PennSt VT UNC Bay Boise OkSt FSU

Wisco has 3 wins v Top 10 tms. If #Badgers run table + Neb falls to OSU next wk, they win tiebreak w Huskers. Don't count em outta CFP pic.

New AP poll: Bama OhSt UL Mich Clem Wisc Wash OU PSU WVU Utah Colo OkSt WMU USC LSU FSU Aub Neb WSU UF Boise A&M SDSU Troy

Conversion is no good. Touchdown by Dare Ogunbowale. WIS 23, NEB 17 | OT

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Just by the by, Harper law still in place. NEB need not consider SARA - or fisheries act- in pipeline reviews. #C38 @kainagata @emcsheff

We knew it wouldn't be easy. Tommy Armstrong runs it in for the score from two yards out. Touchdown Nebraska. WIS 17, NEB 14 | 13:45 4Q

My top 10: 1--Alabama; 2--Clemson; 3--Michigan; 4--Washington; 5--Ohio State; 6--Texas A&M; 7--Louisville; 8--Wisconsin; 9-Florida; 10--Neb

B1G 2017 Friday games: 9-1 Wash at RU; Utah St. at Wisc; 9-8 Ohio at Purdue; 9-29 Neb at Illini; 10-13 NWern at Maryland; 10-27 MSU at NWern

#WrighsterOrWrong After Week 8 College Football Top 10 1. Bama 2. Mich 3. Wash 4. Neb 5. Clem 6. Louis 7. WV 8. Utah 9. OhSt 10. Bay

Barry Alvarez issues statement saying stadium policies will change after man wore Obama mask w/ a noose to Neb game.

My Super 16 Poll vote: 1 ALA 2 MICH 3 WASH 4 OHST 5 CLEM 6 LOU 7 NEB 8 BAY 9 TAMU 10 BOISE 11 WV 12 WIS 13 TEN 14 UTAH 15 NC 16 FLA

What are you having for lunch? Swing by the International Food Bazaar now at the Neb. Union. #UNL

Wrongly-convicted Neb. man seeks to garnish wages of officials:


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What does Neb stand for?
Neb stands for "Nebula)".
How to abbreviate "Nebula)"?
"Nebula)" can be abbreviated as Neb.
What is the meaning of Neb abbreviation?
The meaning of Neb abbreviation is "Nebula)".
What is Neb abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Neb is "Nebula)".
What does Neb mean?
Neb as abbreviation means "Nebula)".
What is shorthand of Nebula)?
The most common shorthand of "Nebula)" is Neb.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Neb in term.